Rudy & Balluzzo Split Twin Features – Balluzzo Locks Up Championship At East Carolina Motor Speedway

Mike Rudy Win Balluzzo Mod Win

Robersonville, NC – We slowly inch closer and closer to the end of the regular season of a lot of the tracks in the Mid-Atlantic region we are also slowly going to get our first look at 2015 track champions. This past week we got to meet our first 2015 Track Champion after a pair of 20-lap features in the IMCA style Modifieds.

The night’s first 20-lap dash was set earlier in the evening with two lap, single car time trials. Mike Rudy had the strongest car earning the pole and the honor to lead the field into one for race one! What ever set up the crew had on the car was good enough to go wire to wire and win the first race. The win was his first of the season and helped catapult him into the second position in the point’s standings.

With ECMS not using an invert for their twin events Rudy say on the pole yet again for the second race and looked pretty decent to grab another win. Things were also a bit more interesting in race number as they usually are. The 20 of Chris Humblet made pretty hard contact with the 48 crumpling up the right rear panel and jerking the wheel from his hand. Still working on recovering from an injury to the wrist and ribs, Balluzzo was forced to give a few spots up. Once able to gather things back up he mounted a charge for the lead. “We were faster in both races,” Balluzzo said in the week following. “Much faster in the second race though. I caught him and passed him [Rudy] that lap and pulled away. We just started to ride after we got ahead.” The win was Balluzzo’s third of the season at East Carolina Motor Speedway and help solidify the 2015 points championship.

Mod Points

Balluzzo had nothing but praise for his crew, who especially in the past weeks has helped him race in more ways than just working on the car. “The car worked well during the day,” Balluzzo mentioned. “The only thing we worked on was my hand brace, it was very uncomfortable there, much tougher than Langley.”

Balluzzo told us it was great to win a title at an additional track. “We have so many at Langley and it shows that we can run good at other places,” said Balluzzo. “I have one in the Late Model and modified at several different tracks.” Balluzzo will now turn 100% of his focus to wrapping up the championship for a record breaking eighth division title at his home track Langley Speedway.

Balluzzo would like to send a special thanks to crew chief Alan Hopkins, David Oshman – long time spotter, Gean Nichols – Partner, T.J & Rob who help work on the car. Heartson Health Care, Signs and Graphics To Go, Boutique A Yoyo, Gean Nichols Carbs & Rear Ends, and Vinny’s Pizza & Pasta whom none of this would be possible with out.

Race #1

  1. #8 Mike Rudy; 20
  2. #48 Shawn Balluzzo; 20
  3. #20 Chris Humblet; 20
  4. #11 Jimmy Humblet; 20
  5. #44 Robbie Babb; 20
  6. #43 Warren Kipford; 20
  7. #49 Todd Whitesell; 18

Race #2

  1. #48 Shawn Balluzzo; 20
  2. #8 Mike Rudy; 20
  3. #20 Chris Humblet; 20
  4. #11 Jimmy Humblet; 20
  5. #44 Robbie Babb; 20
  6. #43 Warren Kipford; 20
  7. #49 Todd Whitesell; 4

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