Macy Causey’s Top-5 Finish, The Best Of Her LMSC Career – Hope For More In Route To Rookie of the Year


#33 Macy Causey during final LMSC practice at Langley Speedway Aug. 15, 2015 (Justin Kern/

Hampton, VA – What are some things you think a stereotypical 15-year old young lady is doing on a Saturday night? Bet competing in a Late Model Stock Car race, or battling seasoned veterans for a top five finish wasn’t one of the things that popped into your mind was it? Well folks that’s exactly what took place this past weekend in one wild night at Langley Speedway!

Pictured above – during third and final practice at Langley Speedway – is the young lady who we are featuring here today. Just last week Macy earned two top ten finishes, as well as finally breaking into the top five in a field of about 15 Late Models. We had some time during the week to catch up with Macy to sort of reflect this past weekend and talk a little bit about what the future holds for this young driver.

“I was definitely very excited,” Causey said about her weekend. “When the day started off with me not having a very good qualifying it was a little sketchy but then after the races started, especially the second race, the car and my confidence boosted!” Causey was the 12th fastest car during qualifying time trials with a speed of 16.403 (86.691 MPH). Best part of qualifying towards the back… the only way to go is to the front!

To be quite honest the car did not look all that bad during the first race, where she improved her finishing position by two. I was curious to know if they made wholesale changes for the second race or was it the sun being down that helped. “Honestly, most of it was just me,” Causey said about the first race. “I don’t know what I was thinking, I just finally realized the call was good enough to run up in the front. Once I realized that then I definitely drove the car a lot harder there in the second race.”

Causey also told us how good it made her feel running up with some of the veterans of Langley Speedway. How it helped her gain a lot of confidence going into these last few races of the season as she attempts to win the Rookie of the Year honors. Currently sitting 10th (210) just fourteen points ahead of 11th place Cameron Bowen (196) who is also fighting for the Rookie of the Year.

Causey will be back at the track next Saturday – August 29th for Twin 65-Lap features at Langley Speedway. Gates will open at 2:00 PM EDT, Qualifying usually rolls off 4:30 PM EDT with the green flag dropping on the first race of the evening at 7:00 PM EDT.

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