Edwards, Jr. Sweeps Twin Races At Langley – Now New Points Leader


Edwards, Jr. rolls through turns one and two during final practice. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Hampton, VA ­– It wasn’t a full moon, we had already made it past the blue moon, and it was just crunch time! That is my story and I am sticking to it on the madness that was Langley Speedway this past weekend. Cars, or should I say karts mysteriously taking the lead, massive hits in bando’s, some interesting driving coming to the checkered, and drivers notching career high finishes in the Late Model Stocks – Langley’s premier division.

Things got kicked off with single car qualifying as the sun started to set behind turn three. Danny Edwards earned the right to call himself the pole sitter for race one posting a time of 15.894 (89.468 MPH) – the only one to break into the 15-second lap times. Brother Greg made it an all Edwards front row with Brenden Queen, Connor Hall, and Terry Carroll rounded out the starting five. Mind you the first and fifth place starters got pretty banged up during the Hampton Heat race. I will give major shout outs to both crews and the two cars looked phenomenal!

When it was time for the green flag to fly the two Edwards brothers battled it out door-to-door for a few laps before Greg gave up the outside and fell in line behind Queen – the top five were all tucked in nose to tail. Wyatt and Wertz would set up a pretty good battle for position before the nights first caution due to new comer Tyler Gallup going for a spin. With just seventeen laps on the board and cautions not counting Wertz took that time to head to the attention of his crew for some adjustments.

Once we were back under green flag conditions Edwards, Jr mashed the go fast pedal and checked out. Leaving Greg to deal with both Queen & Carroll – who by the way had been running very strong all night. Edwards would fall back as far as the sixth position twenty laps into the sixty-five-lap feature after Queen, Carroll, Hardin, and Wyatt got by him. It didn’t take much longer for the 90 car to get around Queen to take over the second position.

T. Carroll/Hardin battle for P2 towards the end of race one. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

As the laps fell off so did some of the cars! Greg was able to climb back into the top five and Michael Hardin, who has been getting better and better week in and week out, stuck his nose under Terry Carroll to try and take over the second spot. Things were looking to go the distance but we ran into some trouble on lap 56 as the car of Macy Causey went for a spin in four.

After the track was cleaned up we were back to the racing – Edwards, Jr. had a good restart but I cant discredit the one of Hardin either! He was able to pull his car down and secure the second spot. T. Carroll and Queen were also hard at battle for the third spot, Carroll with the advantage but Brenden nowhere near giving up. Greg Edwards also with a power move to the inside of Wertz to retake the fifth spot. Either way no one had anything for the #26 Danny Glass machine of Danny Edwards, Jr. who would go on to win his 4th consecutive points win. Michael Hardin, Terry Carroll, Brenden Queen, and Greg Edwards rounded out the top five.

Race #2

Because of Danny’s win in the first race he would lead the field to the green of what would end up being one wild ride! Immediately, second through fifth would battle door to door for about four laps before we had our first of… well lets just say a few cautions on the evening. Due to my position in turn four, four tow trucks in two, and for some reason all of the wrecks wanting to take place in turn two. Come to find out the 97 & 90 made a little bit contact that sent Carroll around.

Did not take long however to find more trouble though. On the ensuing restart Michael Hardin and Mark Wertz would try their luck at the cone. Edwards was able to clear Hardin out of two and leave him to deal with Wertz. The two ended up making contact down the backstretch sending both cars sliding down the backstretch wall. Wertz comes to a halt in four drawing out the caution, Hardin driving away from the scene to hit pit road. Once Wertz was able to get things fired back up he took a trip down pit road and expressed his displeasure with Hardin and crew.

Talked with Hardin after the races who told me that he just ran out real estate. “I come up and thought I had a little more room and he was there,” Hardin said about the incident. “He clipped me. I am not going to say it was his fault at all, I will take the blame for it, I just ran out of real estate and tried to keep it off the wall the best I could.” Was able to catch up with Mark Wertz a few days later who told me he was just shocked that it happened. “But if his spotter didn’t let him know I was there then there wasn’t much he could do I guess if he didn’t know I was on his outside,” Wertz told me. “Last week is last week time to move on and race for wins. I’m not one for revenge. It cost to much and in this case it wasn’t deliberate.”

Once everything in that little ordeal was taken care of we tried to get back racing but ran into a few more issues before anything got really good on the racing surface. Terry Carroll again having issues, this time with a firework show behind him. Shortly after that Connor Hall had issues – you would think the Yellow Flag sponsored the night because we sure did have a ton of them.

Took just about 20 of the 65 laps for things to get sorted out and get some actual good, hard short track racing in! Edwards, Jr., who had been solid on restarts all night was no different this time around. Both cleared the #03 of Queen pretty quick to battle for the lead and leave him to deal with a charging Casey Wyatt. Connor Hall, after battling back from issues early, was right back in their challenging Causey for the top five spot.

The battle for the lead really started to heat up with twenty to between the Edwards brothers in the nights longest green flag run. Greg, who was actually starting to develop all kinds of issues from alternator issues to radio troubles, actually took the lead with a power move through one leaning on his older brother!

With the leaders battling for the win and the points lead we had some great racing shaping up behind them with faces we don’t see too much. Rookie of the Year contender Macy Causey having the best run of her season so far putting pressure on the back of the 92.9 The Wave car. Causey would make the pass clean to take over the fourth spot – the highest she has been all season!

We would be plagued with a couple more cautions late in the race for contact between J. Carroll and Bowen and finally a solo spin from Tyler Gallup that would set up a Green-White-Checkered finish! Greg Edwards at the time our control car, with all of his issues on the night, had communicated with the spotter and crew of the 03 that he would be down on power at the start. The green flag was displayed and Queen took it three wide into one with a severely underpowered 97 car stuck in the middle.

Edwards, Jr was able to hold it together for the final few laps to sweep the night and earn his fifth consecutive points win and take a ten point lead in the points standing. “Car practiced really good, sat on the pole, and the car was really strong in the first race,” Edwards said. “We made some adjustments on the car between races that we probably shouldn’t have, just figured that we would try it. We though we were could enough that even if we missed we would still be okay. Ended up getting the win but it was by default, sometimes you get lucky you know.” Edwards also stated he really did feel bad for his brother and what happened specially with the kind of run he had going, chalked it up to another one of those deals in racing.

We also asked Edwards now with this five race win streak going and the weather starting to change if he felt they would have to make many changed on the car. Told us he was really happy with the baseline and of course some minor tweaks here and there but other than that really happy with the way its been running.

Langley Speedway will have this weekend off as the Southern Fried Food Festival comes into town. Racing will pick back up August 29th with another pair of 65-lap feautres for the NWAAS Late Model Stock boys and girls. With just three races to go and 14 points separating the top three in points you can bet your bottom dollar that things will get interesting!


Race #1:

  1. #26 Danny Edwards Jr.; 65
  2. #7 Michael Hardin; 65
  3. #90 Terry Carroll; 65
  4. #03 Brenden Queen; 65
  5. #97 Greg Edwards; 65
  6. #55 Mark Wertz; 65
  7. #77 Connor Hall; 65
  8. #91 Justin Carroll; 65
  9. #5 Clayton Parrish; 65
  10. #33 Macy Causey; 65
  11. #19 Cameron Bowen; 62
  12. #92 Casey Wyatt; 47
  13. #20 Tyler Gallup; 20
  14. #97x Robbie Babb; 5
  15. #03x Landon Abbott; 3


Race #2:

  1. #26 Danny Edwards Jr.; 65
  2. #03 Brenden Queen; 65
  3. #7 Michael Hardin; 65
  4. #33 Macy Causey; 65
  5. #19 Cameron Bowen; 65
  6. #77 Connor Hall; 65
  7. #92 Casey Wyatt; 65
  8. #91 Justin Carroll; 65
  9. #20 Tyler Gallup; 63
  10. #97 Greg Edwards; 63
  11. #5 Clayton Parrish; 35
  12. #90 Terry Carroll; 12
  13. #55 Mark Wertz; 5
  14. #97x Robbie Babb; 4
  15. #03x Landon Abbott; 3

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