Driver Series S02E17: Chris Hayes Fulfilling Childhood Dream By Finally Getting Behind The Wheel

Chris Hayes
8/24/1982 (33)
Birthplace: Newport News VA
Education: Old Dominion University (04)
Occupation: Sales Rep for Damuth Trane


Sponsors: Spartimes Bowling, Moonlight Tinting

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“This is my first attempt at racing so yea it’s a late start for sure,” Hayes told us to start the interview off. “I have always been into racing my whole life.” His father and grandfather were the ones that changed his life forever pretty much by taking him to his first race at Langley Speedway, pretty much from there on out he knew he wanted to get behind the wheel. Growing up, Hayes always wanted to race just did not have the resources to do so. Now that he is at a point in his life to afford racing he is going to do just that!

“I have always liked the division,” Hayes said. “These cars are extremely fast and not too pricey to maintain.” Running in a “spec” division, or a class that has certain rules and limits of things you can do to the car helps keep the cost down and lower budget teams running. Not to mention it helps try and keep the competition on a level playing field.

Hayes has not has the easiest of starts for his rookie year in the division with rear end issues, clutch issues, and Mother Nature not playing very nice this year. The number one goal for Hayes this year really is to run at Langley and get some seat time. “Next season I plan to get out and run as mush as my budget allows!”


What is your all time favorite movie?


If you could go on a weeklong trip, all expenses pad for you and your family, where would you want to go?


Apple or Microsoft?



What is your favorite style/genre of music?

Country or Rock.

With music in mind, what is your favorite band/artist?

Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, 3 Days Grace, Hinder, etc.

What was your very first vehicle?

Ford Escort.


Okay, so everyone has a guilty pleasure. Time to be honest though, tell me one of Chris Hayes guilty pleasures.

Swiss Rolls (Ho-Ho’s).

Do you have any phobias (small spaces, spiders, a certain color or word)?

Not really.


Do you like to play video games?


If so, what counsel and what type of games?

XBOX 1. Sports or driving games.

When you are not working on the car what type of things do you like to do?

Spend time with my son, girlfriend and friends. Watch racing and play golf.

What is your favorite color?

Anything Bright.


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