Chris Johnson Extends Points Lead With Win Over Weekend At Southside

IMG_8725Midlothian, VA – IMCA Modifieds were another feature division in our Friday night program at Southside Speedway. Eleven drivers were in the house for their 30-lap feature. Chris Johnson was fastest earlier in the evening with a 14.947 second (80.203 MPH) lap – the only car to break into the 14-second time. However, due to drawing a #3 on the poker chip, Johnson would invert the top three starters. Could have been worse with a five, but either way no one in the field had anything for that rocket ship!

With the help of Mr. Jimmy Walker the green flag was displayed over the field and Johnson was not playing around! To be perfectly honest not sure if Johnson helped pole sitter Kyle Wood into one or if the 19 had to drive her to deep, either way Wood pushed up the banking forcing the #17 of Shawn Hopkins to push up too. Warren Lipford wasn’t not waiting for that door to close before he could capitalize – he had second as they exited turn two.

By the fifth lap C. Johnson had already built a full straightaway lead over the second place machine who had third through fifth lines up bumper to bumper behind him. Lipford, Wood, Hopkins, and M. Johnson were all fighting for the same piece of real estate. Do have to give credit to Michael Johnson who gave a nice little nudge to the 17 car – “excuse me coming through – just before the half way mark of the race.

The field was only slowed once with 11 laps to go to bring the caution car out. The #2 of Eric Fowlkes went around in turn four. Did not see any contact to cause the spin, either way Fowlkes would need a push away from the scene. Was a pretty quick caution and Race Director, Chris Stefi orders for the cone to be placed on the front stretch. Chris Johnson electing the low line while Wood tried his luck up top.

Once back green Wood tried to pull a page out of Johnson’s book and force him to enter turn three to hot and take the lead but Johnson just to experienced – Woods plan didn’t work. With fewer than eight laps to go I really thought we were going back under the yellow flag for a very slow Shawn Hopkins. Able to keep the car out of the racing line and return to pit road we stayed green.

No one had anything for the 36 machine though, he would cruise to an impressive four car victory – with a left front tire going down. “It feels pretty good,” Johnson said after the race about winning. “These guys have worked real hard to get this car back. We’ve run this car three races now, we got the points lead here so we are trying to stay out of trouble and maintain our points lead.”

Talking a little bit about the start of the race and how he got out to such a big lead Johnson told us he had a whole and knew he had to take it. “I had to take the whole for once and take a chance,” Johnson explained. “Had to try and take a chance instead of finishing second or third and saving some stuff and it really worked out for us.”

Southside Speedway will return to action in two weeks, Friday August 21st again running all seven divisions. For a full schedule or ticket pricing make sure to check them out on the web at


Modified Results

P1. #36 Chris Johnson; 30
P2. #19 Kyle Wood; 30
P3. #38 Michael Johnson; 30
P4. #43 Warren Lipford; 30
P5. #51 Rusty Wood; 30
P6. #22 Danny Martin; 30
P7. #00 Tyler Davis; 30
P8. #7 Lauren Edgerton; 30
P9. #17 Shawn Hopkins; 30
P10. #2 Eric Fowlkes; 26
P11. #47Mark Cropp; 15

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