Southside Speedway Kicks Off August Double Header With A Bang

IMG_8704Midlothian, VA – No seriously, talk about some “beatin-n-bangin” to kick off night one of our two-night short track double header! Southside Speedway, a 1/3-mile short rack that is all but flat was the point of interest. A track I personally have never been to so it was nice to check it off our list was also interesting to see how a non-NASCAR track operated. Because of pesky interstate traffic we were not able to make it out to practice or their euro style qualifying but we were just in time for pre-race festivities and the drop of the green flag!

A very impressive field of LMSC rolled into the Richmond area this weekend as Mother Nature cooperated with us to help put on a show for the fans, and well a show is what they got! Chris Dodson – the point’s leader – put is #0 car on the pole earlier in what they call “practicfying” which is nothing more than group or euro qualifying. This is something that is done quite often at tracks that are on a time crunch. Dodson set the pole with a time of 14.830 sec (80.836 MPH), Steve Zuskin, Alex Brock, Eddie Johnson, and Dusty Ellington completed the Starting Five. Dodson would eventually pull a #5 chip, inverting the top five.

Did take long for things to get a little crazy in the LMSC 30-lap feature, right off the bat it was like Ellington either missed a shift or spun the tires, either way it opened the door wide open for Eddie Johnson to grab the top spot, and honestly run away with it like he just stole the bullies lunch money! Zuskin also able to capitalize on the start and jumping all the way back to the number two spot. Ellington on the other hand forced back to the fourth or fifth position.

Things seemed to be pretty calm, cool, and collected for the first half of the race. Other than Dodson testing the waters and diving his machine into one trying to make a pass, wasn’t able to do so and had to chase the machine up what little banking there is.

It wasn’t till less than 10 laps to go things started getting really dicey! Also have to award The Move of the Race to Dodson after trying for a couple laps to get to the inside of Ellington and not have any luck, takes his machine to the top groove and pulls a play right out of the basketball play book and sets the pick on Ellington using a lap machine to take over the third position.

5-laps to go Johnson and Zuskin working through some of the heavier traffic they had seen all night. Just when you though Zuskin was done and Johnson was holding his own, the #37 car gets a huge second wind, maybe a little to much wind as the two make contact sending Johnson around and causing the nights first caution. Johnson would have to start from the rear of course along with Zuskin for what I believe was a call from race the race director for rough driving – handing the lead over to Dodson.

With a Green-White-Checkered scenario only one thing had to be in everyone’s mind… Whos gonna’ wreck next? Took three attempts to finish the race as we found Mark Simpson into the turn three wall on one of the restarts, and a complete melee of cars out of four on the next before coming to the white flag. Dodson able to hold off the field on all three starts to make his return to victory lane.


Chris Dodson in victory lane yet again in 2015. (Justin Kern/

“You know the car had some brake issues,” Dodson cited in victory lane. “This car doesn’t have mechanical failures very often. The pedal just felt very mushy. We were perfectly happy just riding there in third to be quite honest, didn’t really want to start dead last next time. Just worrying about the championship this year, they can keep all these trophies, there is only one I’m hunting for – The Championsip Trophy.”

*Mods, Grandstock, Legend recap to follow*


P1. #0 Chris Dodson; 30
P2. #14 Dusty Ellington; 30
P3. #18 Brad Davis; 30
P4. #50 Raymond Pittman; 30
P5. #02Greg Fernandez; 30
P6. #57 Eddie Johnson; 30
P7. #29 Andrew Dean; 30
P8. #37 Steve Zuskin; 30
P9. #9 Alex Brock; 30
P10. #17 Charlie Walker; 30
P11. #41 Doug Mundy; 30
P12. #43 Mark Simpson; 28
P13. #42 Mike Payne; 28
P14. #7 Jason Barnes; 27
P15. #60 Jason Pittman; 18
P16. #89 Irving Cook; 15

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