Driver Series: S02E16 Cody Carlton Looking For A Championship in 2015

profileCody Carlton
Norfolk, VA
D.O.B: October 10, 1990 (24)
Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Education: NASCAR Technical Institute
Occupation: Welder/fabricator

Sponsors: Virginia Pediatric Eye Center, Affordable Transmission. Door Engineering, Irwin’s Pharmacy, Advance Auto Parts.

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“I started racing when I was 16,” Carlton told us at the start of our interview. “One of my best friends, Jordan Wood, is really who influenced me the most to want to start racing.” A bit of a late start in the eyes of some racing enthusiast, however, looking at his production in different divisions at different tracks, you would have never known the difference. Carlton got his start in a Jr. Dragster, having fun behind the wheel of that beast for a couple years and grabbing a couple wins before moving over to the oval side.

“I decided since I had been brought up around NASCAR in my younger years, I wanted to try out some short track oval racing,” Carlton said. “What better place to start than Arena Racing!” Admitting that he and the team struggled in the early years until they teamed up with Andrew Graham who came on board to help with the set-up of the car. Since then it’s been nothing but trophy hunting and championship! Last year in fact Carlton had sixteen A-Main & Top Dog wins and received the award for the most poles in the season.

The past few years Carlton has spent most of his time running in the Pro Six division (full body, purpose built stock cars, with v6 Nissan engines) at Langley Speedway as well as Arena Racing in Richmond. Being the true driver he is, Carlton will pretty much race anything you allow him to climb into though pulling some stints in asphalt wing champ karts as well as racing the champs on dirt!

As we have almost reached the halfway point in the 2015 season Cody Carlton currently sits fourth in points at Langley Speedway. “This year has been very frustrating,” Carlton said. “We have been working our butts off and just not getting the results we want!” Carlton couldn’t help but acknowledge the fact that there have been a couple of drivers who really stepped up their game this year they just haven’t had the luck they needed. “Getting the championship has been the goal for this year since the first race,” Carlton explained. “I really think it would be awesome to win 2 championships in the same year and that would really help my attempt to move up to modified or Late Model.”

Its very clear that Carlton is determined to find his way into victory lane this year and is working very hard to accomplish that goal! He did let us know that as of right now, and I know we still have plenty of time, there is nothing in the works yet for Langley in 2016 but they may have something pretty big on the Arena Racing side here soon! In the mean time come on in and get to know Cody Carlton outside of the race track, we had a few moments to sit down with him, hope you enjoy!



What is your favorite color?

Anything fluorescent and bright!

Outside of racing what are some things Cody Carlton likes to do for fun?

Well I love racing, so I’ll always choose the racetrack over anywhere else, or helping someone else with their car when I’m not wrenchin on my own. Outside of racing though id have to say my next favorite thing to do is spend time with my friends and family.

What was your very first car? Streetcar, not racecar.

Oh wow [laughs] my first car was a Dodge Intrepid that my grandpa sold me for a dollar!


What are three things that you never leave home without?

Phone, wallet, and phone charger, because my phone is forever dying!

Do you follow any other sports outside of racing?


What sports?


So, who is your favorite team?

Caps and the Lightning!

Pro Six #94 Cody Carlton.2

Number one favorite candy bar?

Milky Way

Are you into video games at all?

No, well besides NASCAR of course.

Any tattoo’s or piercings?


Whats in your number? Why do you run the number 94?

When I got my first arena car it was 94 so I just stuck with it

Something in your life you could live without? Besides bills of course.

Nope, it’s all part of life to me


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