C.E. Falk Optimistic For Record Fourth Hampton Heat Victory


C.E. Falk, test day 2014 Hampton Heat. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer)

Mooresville, NC – Charles Edward Falk… better know around the shop as C.E. has proven time and time again he knows how to wheel a stock car around the flat track of Langley Speedway. Shoot, I stand corrected; the man can wheel a car pretty much anywhere you take him. Falk certainly has done a tremendous job making a name for himself in a Late Model Stock Car in the Mid-Atlantic region. Racking up four track championship – three of those were back-to-back-to-back – and winning the prestigious Hampton Heat three out of the seven times!

Falk however has not had the opportunity just yet this year to complete a race at Langley Speedway, they had made the trip up a few weeks back but of course Mother Nature had a different idea. Since then the team has still yet to take laps around the track. That however does not have the driver at all worried, even with new pavement around the corners. “Sounds okay,” Falk said, talking about the new pavement. “It’s good there was at least one race on it last weekend but honestly if Bill Mullis wanted to make half the track a dirt track I would still come up and run for a shot at $10,000.” He did tell me the team would be in town for Thursday nights practice as well as the practice Friday

We also talked about what it means and what it would mean to win for a fourth time. “Felt good [winning last year],” Falk said. “Probably going to have to free the car up a bit this year because of the pavement but we feel we have a really good package. Certainly going to be plenty of time for me to screw it up, it’s going to be tough, we just have to save our stuff.”

A 2015 Hampton Heat win will mark the second time in the events history that Falk wins back to back (’10 & ’11), it will also extend his record as the “winningest” driver of the series. “Winning a fourth would mean a lot to me,” Falk explained. “We have certainly won it a few different ways from starting in the back to dominating the whole race. I certainly know how to win but I also know how to lose.”

A lot of times in our sport when you are good at what you do and win a lot of races you have one. or both of these things working against you; 1) Fans who want to see you lose or wreck, and 2) Drivers who want to make sure you lose! Take that second point as you will but it can be anything from drivers not giving you room to literally door slamming you every lap! I had to ask C.E. if this was something he was worried about because he has been so dominate in the past, what he had to say was awesome!

“No one has cut me slack since I started racing when I was sixteen,” Falk proclaimed. “You got guys you can race with and you got guys you cant. The level of guys coming out know how to race. It comes down to if we will get tires at the half way break. If not running up front wont be a premium, you can ride around and save your stuff. You can’t ride around in the back though because it will be like a hurricane in the middle of the pack.”

Before we let C.E. go we kind of talked about the rest of the 2015 season with the South Boston leg of the triple crown being rescheduled on a CARS Tour night if we would see him at the other two races. “We are definitely running Langley and Martinsville,” Falk told us. “South Boston, we’re not sure yet with it being reschedule on the same night as a CARS Tour race, I have really been focused on our driver development program with Stefan Parsons in that series but, a win can change everything.”

General Admission gates will open Saturday, July 25th at 12:00 PM EDT just in time for two hours of Late Model Stock Car practice. Fans will be able to watch all of the support divisions practice as well! Qualifying is set to roll off around 4:30 PM with a on track driver meet and greet scheduled for 6:15 PM with the green flag dropping on the nights first race at 7:00 PM. For ticket information head over to www.langley-speedway.com or call the ticket office 757-865-RACE (7223).

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