2015 Hampton Heat Entry List & Who To Watch For

Langley PANO

Hampton, VA – With just four days left before one of the biggest Late Model races in the Mid-Atlantic Region we have finally gotten our first look at the entry list for Langley Speedway. Thirty-one cars have officially registered for the 200-lap feature this weekend with an additional ten drivers who have not committed 100% just yet.

With the last minute decision from track officials to rework some of the asphalt in the corners the track was opened earlier this week for an open practice to Late Model teams that want to come out and get a feel. There will also be regular Thursday night practice where teams are invited and encouraged rather to come out and practice under the lights. If that was not enough, the track will have a dedicated test session this Friday, July 24th, 2015 for any teams that may want to come out. I can tell you know some teams will elect not to practice as they attempt to pull double duty this weekend and run the Friday night race at Motor Mile in Radford, Virginia.

General Admission Grandstands as well as the final two-hour Late Model practice session is set to get underway around 12:00 PM Saturday, July 25th. The same exact time we will kick off our non stop coverage in conjunction with Race22.com. Make sure you keep checking back with us later for the link you can follow us on your computer, tablet or mobile phone!


Who To Watch (in no particular order)

C.E. Falk: A four-time track champion & three-time Hampton Heat winner he certainly knows how to work his away around Langley Speedway. Taking most of the year to focus on his driver development program in the CARS Tour, Falk is not concerned about the lack of track time, he feels they have a good package underneath the car and is looking to even his Hampton Heat championships up with his track championships.

Danny Edwards, Jr.: After winning the last three races in a row here at Langley Speedway all eyes have to be on Edwards Jr.! As a five-time champion at Langley Speedway you cannot down play the man’s experience. He is all too familiar with tire conservation and when and where to pass cars. I am looking for Danny Edwards, Jr. to continue his hot streak and be one serious contender up at the front.

Lee Pulliam: Any time Lee Pulliam pulls into a track he is a threat to win. That was no different here at Langley Speedway after he finally made his debut in 2015 and quickly found himself in victory lane. After making multiple trips to Langley this year Pulliam and his crew has without a doubt built an extensive notebook. Watch for Pulliam to sneak in there and win his first Hampton Heat 200.

Brayton Haws: As the current points leader in the CARS Tour Late Model Series after racking up three wins (Orange County, Hickory, Tri-County). Haws, looking to bounce back from a 22nd place finish last year, is an easy pick for us because of the sheer talent he has run with and beat so far this year. Not to mention the experience gained running longer races with larger car counts. Look for the #41 to run a smart race and be there at the end.

Greg Edwards: 2014 Langley Speedway track champion, and current points leader has an interesting year to say the least. With five wins so far on the season, some bad luck, and a wrecked primary car, Edwards and crew are out for blood! With a few track championships under his belt the Hampton Heat is one race he has never won, and he is looking to change that this weekend.

Sleeper Picks:

Matt Waltz – After running a partial schedule in the CARS Tour series & Langley Speedway, it is safe to say Waltz has not had the year he or the team has been hoping for. Waltz was a heavy favorite last year to take the trophy and money home but a simple mistake of coming down pit road to soon took him out of contention. That being said, Waltz went on to win 12 races in 2014 and has already grabbed himself one this year. He has been very strong in 200-lap races just need to find a bit of luck.

Brenden Queen – Running most of the season second in points Brenden “Butterbean” Queen as put on some of the most thrilling racing with who ever he is near. The boy has had a fast car week in and week out and the crew behind him to get him to victory lane. If Queen can keep the tires and the nose on the car he could very well sneak his way into victory lane

Tommy Lemons, Jr. – Another new driver to make his debut in 2015 has proven he is fast anywhere he goes. First time on the track he set the fast time in qualifying, lead a few laps before oil on the track sent him and his car hard into the wall. Lemons another driver who has proven he can hang with the best in long races. He has run a few races here at Langley so far this year, I am looking for him to be one tough contender.


2015 Hampton Heat Entries

  1. # 01 R. Waldrop
  2. # 03 Brenden Queen
  3. # 2 Matt Waltz
  4. # 4 Natalie Decker
  5. # 5 Lee Pulliam
  6. # 6 Colin Cabre
  7. # 7 Michael Hardin
  8. # 8 Tyler Hughes
  9. # 10 Nick Smith
  10. # 11 Juan Garcia
  11. # 12 Austin Thaxton
  12. # 12 Dean Shiflett
  13. # 17 Stacy Puryear
  14. # 25 Craig Eastep
  15. # 26 Danny Edwards Jr.
  16. # 27 Tommy Lemons Jr.
  17. # 33 Macy Causey
  18. # 36 Chris Johnson
  19. # 40 E. Falk
  20. # 41 Brayton Haws
  21. # 55 Mark Wertz
  22. # 57 Eddie Johnson
  23. # 58 Tyler Ankrum
  24. # 77 Connor Hall
  25. # 83 Matt Bowling
  26. # 90 Terry Carroll
  27. # 91 Justin S Carroll
  28. # 92 Wayne (Casey) Wyatt
  29. # 97 Greg Edwards
  30. # 98 Todd Gilliland
  31. # 99 Tony Keen


Possible Entries

  1. # 08 Deac McCaskill
  2. # 2 Myatt Snider
  3. # 9 William Byron
  4. # 16 Jeff Oakley
  5. # 19 Cameron Bowen
  6. # 29 Robert Bruce
  7. # 42 Craig Stallard
  8. # 57 Justin T Carroll
  9. # 67 J T Jackson
  10. # 77 Bruce Livingston

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