Driver Series: Pro Six Driver Travis Wall Invites Inside His Trailor

profileTravis Wall
Birthday: October 16, 1990 (24)
Chesapeake VA
Hometown: Chesapeake VA (The Hickory area)
Education: Bachelor’s Degree – Mechanical Engineering (Old Dominion)
Occupation: Manufacturing Engineer, Continental Corporation

Sponsors: Lady Antiquity, Mom, Dad




Like most athletes to truly be good at your craft it’s a good idea to start out young. That is certainly the case when it comes to racing because lets face it, no matter how deep or shallow your pockets are, it usually comes down to seat time. Travis saw his first moment in the seat of a racecar… or kart if you want to get technical, around the age of 8. “Watching my dad and my sister race is what got me wanting to do it,” Wall said. “My first time racing was in go-karts at Albermarle Kart Club.” From there – insert classic cliché – the rest was history.

Travis would spend the next decade or so of his life trapped so to speak in the world of racing. Most of that time was spent on the dirt tracks of Albermarle, Dixiland, Margaretsville, and Capital city. He would try out a new form of racing called Arena Racing while it was popular in this area. Essentially they are go-karts with bodies on them who run inside arenas on a purpose built aluminum track. Some pretty good racing and drama if you ask me!

This season Travis competing in what is called the Pro Six division at Langley Speedway. A series made up of six cylinder cars, if you couldn’t guess, model a lot like the Late Model Series. Travis and his team have some pretty straightforward goals this season too, “Wins and championships,” Wall says! So far in 2015 they have done a great job to work towards those goals. Five races in the books Wall is holding onto a one point lead and has on victory!

We had a few moments to sit down with Travis and get to know a little bit more about him, so come on into the trailer, sit down and enjoy!


Okay so first off, is there any particular reason you run the #44?

Kyle Petty Hot Wheels Pontiac.

Number one most favorite candy bar?

Mr. Goodbar

Going along with the “favorites,” what is your all time favorite movie?

Days of Thunder

Honestly though how can you go wrong with that! Now when you are not at the track, working on the car, or at work; what does Travis Wall like to do for fun?

Working on others cars



Three things you never leave home with out.

Underwear, pants, and my car.

Okay… fair enough I guess I walked into that one. Okay then piggy backing off that question what is one thing you could absolutely not live without?

I couldn’t live without my Foxbody Mustang

So, what’s one thing you could live without?

I could live without my cell phone

Do you have any tattoos?


You have won a week long, all expense paid vacation to anywhere in the world for you and your immediate family. Where do you go?

Daytona for the 500 or Monte Carlo for the Gran Prix


Apple or Android?


Pepsi or Coke?

What is a Pepsi?

Favorite style of food? (Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, etc.)


What type of advice would you give to those who might read this that are much younger trying to make their way up through the ranks? 

You have to be dedicated. If you don’t want to do it then don’t feel pressured into doing it by anyone and if you want to do it then do everything in your power to do it.


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