East Carolina: Rumble in Robersonville LIVE on Twitter – @theweeklyracer


Round 2 – Ready Lets Go! Mother Nature was declared the victor two weeks ago for East Carolina Motor Speedways opening night of the 2015 season. However, I choice to look at things on the bright side, maybe this was how it was meant to be! About 10 Late Models were in town two weeks ago where my sources at the track tell me they have at least 15 confirmed teams making the trip down for this race. Maybe the extra two weeks were just what teams needed to put the finishing touches on their machines.

A Message to the fans: Officials from East Carolina wanted me to remind all of you who purchased grandstand tickets or wrist bands for the pits. THOSE ARE GOOD FOR THIS EVENT AS WELL! Just bring them to the track and they should let you in no problem. Were you a little apprehensive coming out last week with the threat of the weather, well nothing to be worried about tonight! Highest chance of rain is about 5%. Temps are looking to stay in the mid 60’s with a light breeze – perfect weather to go racing in.

How to Watch: Well this is a pretty easy answer, COME ON DOWN! Grandstands open at 3:00 PM EDT, just in time for cars to hit the track for practice. Don’t worry if you have things to finish up at work or around the house qualifying is not set to roll until about 5:30 PM EDT. So plenty of time to get the yard all trimmed up, pack the family in the car and head out to the speedway. General Admission tickets for Adults are just $15.00 – Military/Seniors just $12.00 – Kids 6-12 just $5.00 – Family Pack $30.00

Not actually able to get off work or to far to make the drive? Don’t worry thats where we have you covered! Make sure you head on over to Twitter and search @theweeklyracer. Don’t have a Twitter account yet? Click this link for super steps in creating on How To Create Your Own Twitter. Once your logged in give us a Follow and make sure you tune in starting at 5:00 PM EDT for our LIVE coverage of LMSC qualifying. Followed by complete lap by lap coverage of both UCAR races, Street Stocks, and Late Models.

Complete schedule posted bellow!



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