Driver Series S02E05: Peyton Ferree Working To Make It To The Top

PF3Peyton Ferree
Born: May 8, 2004 (10)
Fredericksburg, VA
Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
Education: 5th grade (Conway Elementary School)

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This week we try something new to the table here at The Weekly Racer. Now before you go and say “you guys bring a new driver to the table every week, duh!” Which my reply to you would be, “that is correct!” This time we are bringing in a new division, for the first time we are featuring a driver from the INEX Bandolero division. An excellent developmental series for young kids to get the feel of being in a full body machine on larger tracks.

We had some time to chat with a young man who has just started his climb up the racks of the racing world. Peyton got his first taste of speed at the age of seven competing in a cross-country dirt bike race at Actiontown MX Park in Dillwyn, Virginia. From that point Peyton was hooked only thing was he wanted to follow in his grandfathers footsteps racing circle tracks. Peyton asked his parents at the age of eight to sell his dirt bike so they could by a go-kart, needless to say they obliged.

Ferree ran his very first kart race at King George Speedway, located in King George, Virginia. Having a solid year Ferree finished second in his class in points. The team made the decision to go from asphalt to dirt the next year running one of the most competitive dirt tracks in the region, Capital City Speedway in Richmond, Virginia and grabbing five points win along with the big money race at the end of the season. 2014 was the year for Peyton however; he was crowned the 2014 Jr Sportsman Champ track champion notching another five wins.

Some other pretty notable finishes for Peyton, 1 VDK State race win, finished second there in state points. Two poles along with two victories and a fourth place finish at the first race of the Rocky Top Summer Series in Tennesse.

2015 will be a big change for Peyton while he transitions back to asphalt but also getting used to a more power, full body machine. You can expect to see Peyton running select races at Southside, Shenanadoah, and Lagnley Speedway this year. The ultimate plan is to just work there way up through the ranks allowing Peyton to learn as much as possible and one day being able to take on the guys and gals of the NWAAS Late Model series with the ultimate dream of one day making it onto the NASCAR circuit.


What is your favorite class/subject in school?

Math, only if recess is not an option. 

I feel like recess is a perfect option. I think I would have picked naptime; boy do I sure miss naptime now. So what do you tell your teachers or parents you want to be when you grow up?

Racecar driver or work for NASCAR building racecars.

What is the hardest thing about being a racecar driver at your age?

Racing against older more experienced drivers. 

If you had to pick one flavor of ice cream, and you could only eat this one flavor for the rest of your life what would you pick?

Cookies and Creme


Do you like to play video games in your free time?

Yes, sometimes.

What types of games are your favorites?

Driving games. 

What are some of your favorite games?

Grand Theft Auto and NASCAR games.

What is your favorite color?


Who do you look up to as a role model?

My Papaw Jeff Ferree, this is where the #23 comes from.  


Why do you think that you make a good role model for other kids and teenagers? 

Because I do well in school and on the track. 

Do you have any family pets?


How many? What are their names?

Dog named Zeus and 3 lizards named Henry, Corn Dog, and Champ 

If you and your family could go anywhere in the world, money is not an option for an entire week. Where would you go?

Daytona International Speedway 


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