2015 Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown: Who To Watch For


Photo: South Boston Speedway Facebook

Photo: South Boston Speedway Facebook

South Boston Speedway has yet again been chosen to host the 2015 edition of the Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown. Which by now all of you reading this already have a pretty good understanding what the showdown is all about, and who all has been invited. If you don’t well here is a very brief run down of what it is; a fundraising race for the Denny Hamlin Foundation and its research for cystic fibroses. If your not to sure on who has at least been invited you can find a list below, you may also follow this link, Click Here, to see who was fastest in the open test held yesterday.

Grandstands are set to open at 10 AM with the first of three practice sessions rolling off at 11 AM. Thirty-seven cars took to the track today to lay some laps down in preparation for this evening’s race. Timothy Peters was the fastest car through out the day, which really is no surprise, Peters already has one win this season at South Boston along with plenty more in the past. For those fans wanting to join in the festivities, like mentioned above grandstands will open bright and early at 10 AM. Practice will start at 11 AM, qualifying to begin around 5:20 PM, drop of the green flag approximately 7:30 PM EDT.

Can’t make it out to the race? Don’t worry we have you covered here at The Weekly Racer. We invite you to follow along on our Twitter page (@theweeklyracer) for LIVE up to the minute updates from pit road and on the track, presented by Rhonnda Claiborne Relators! We will begin over coverage approximately around 5:00 PM through qualifying as well as the feature event!

The Weekly Racer’s “Who To Watch For” Drivers;

5. Matt Bowling:

Won the 2014 showdown after running down Matt Waltz in the closing laps to claim the victory. Though not showing all that much speed yesterday in practice, Bowling calls South Boston home for his weekly racing. Bowling who has been off to a great start this year has actually already claimed one victory here at South Boston in 2015. You can believe he will be looking to not only make it back-to-back victories at SoBo, but also take the Denny Hamlin Showdown trophy home for the second year in a row.

4. Peyton Sellers:

2014 was a great year for Peyton Sellers in the #99 machine as he was able to wrap up his second LMSC division title at none other than South Boston Speedway. One could argue that Sellers could be the Xfinity representative this weekend during the showdown after he has run in a few races on the Xfinity circuit. Look for Sellers to run a very smart race and be there at the end at a track he is very familiar and comfortable with.

3. Chase Elliot:

No stranger to short track racing or victory lane, Chase Elliot will have some of the best equipment under him while he pilots his way around South Boston Speedway. Last years Xfinity champion will be running a car for the Lee Pulliam stables. Finding himself around the middle of the speed charts in yesterdays practice tells me he was just getting a feel for the car. You can all but guarantee he and his team will find some extra speed later today in practice. Am I calling for a NASCAR guest to take home the trophy? Not so much, but if one does this is who I would put my money on to do it.

2. Timothy Peters:

Fastest in the open test yesterday was #17 of Timothy Peters. Who will be representing the Camping World Truck Series Thursday night during the showdown. Peters, who has run in select races in the truck series has his fair share of wins on the four-tenths mile. Not to mention he already has one victory this season during South Bostons opening night. Look for Peters to hang around the front of the pack all night and being a major contender at the end.

1. Lee Pulliam:

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind in the short track community that when Lee Pulliam rolls through town he is an instant contender. He has shown that numerous times already (2nd place finish in 2014 at Greenville Pickens in first appearance and most recent, two 2nd place finish at Langley Speedway in first appearance). Pulliam, much like Sellers and Peters have had their fair share of time in victory lane here at South Boston and I am predicting Pulliam will find the needed speed this after noon to make his #5 Kiker Motorsports machine a factor at the end of the race.


TWR Sleeper Picks: Presented by King Charles Photography

Matt Waltz:

Coming off such an incredible 2014 where it was hard to keep the #2 out of victory lane at Langley Speedway, however, that has not been the story as of late for Matt Waltz and his crew. Granted the first two races of 2015 were in a different car, running a different series, with a whole new set of rules, Waltz Racing has found themselves struggling. Matt Waltz will finally climb back into “ole faithful” for the lack of better terms, with just one thing in mind… Victory Lane! Waltz lead all but the last 5 laps in 2014 so there is no denying he knows his way around the speedway.

C.E. Faulk:

No stranger to victory lane is the #40 of Faulk. It is also very apparent that time away from the seat means nothing to this driver. Faulk took most of the 2014 season off, running in only a few select races; mostly the higher “market” races if you will was able to battle not only the weather but also 37 other drivers to win the very rain delayed Hampton Heat. Faulk may spend most of his days now out of sight, but you better not keep him out of mind because he is a sure fire threat to be there at the end of this one.

Tyler Ankrum:

I know we have talked about this young man a lot so far this year and that is for good reason – the boy is a wheelman! Coming off a very disappointing weekend at Orange County Speedway where a car ran into him under yellow and ending his night. After seeing this young man come back from adversity, run down seasoned veterans at a track he has never been to, and know the determination this driver has, makes him an instant threat at any track they pull into.


2015 Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown Invitees:

#00 Brian Pembelton
#01 GR Waldrop
#02 Matt Waltz
#03 Brenden Queen
#04 Bugs Harfield
#06 Davin Scites*
#08 Deac McCaskill*
#1 Lin O’Neill
#1 Burt Myers*
#2 Myatt Snider
#2 Paige Decker*
#3 Thomas Scott*
#4 Sergio Pena*
#4 Adam Resnick
#5 Lee Pulliam
#6 Bobby McCarty*
#6 Devon Amos*
#7 Dude Gibbs
#7 Michael Maresca*
#8 Josh Oakley*
#8 David Garbo
#10 Kelly Kingery*
#11 Nick Smith
#11 Andy Seuss*
#12 Austin Thaxton
#12 Garrett Campbell
#12 Ryan Wilson*
#12 Trey Gibson
#15 Dennis Holdren*
#15 Kres VanDyke*
#16 Dustin Storm
#16 Ryan Preece*
#17 Stacy Puyear
#18 Quinn Houff
#19 Chad Finchum
#20 Sam Yarborough*
#20 Gray Gaulding*
#22 Ryan Stiltner*
#23 Payton Ryan
#26 Danny Edwards, Jr.*
#26 Phillip Morris*
#27 Tommy Lemons,Jr.*
#28 George Brunnhoelzl III*
#29 Casey Wyatt*
#29 Brandon Butler
#31 Kaz Grala*
#34 Dylan Smith
#36 Anthony Anders*
#38 Duane Schreeves*
#40 CE Falk
#41 Brayton Haws
#44 Dillon Bassett*
#44 Justin Johnson*
#46 Brandon Gdovic*
#51 Dalton Sargeant
#55 Mark Wertz
#57 Eddie Johnson
#58 Tyler Ankrum
#69 Andrew Thomas*
#71 Stephen Berry
#72 Brad Eddy
#73 Bruce Anderson
#77 Blake Stallings
#77 Conner Hall*
#80 Anderson Bowen*
#83 Matt Bowling
#88 Dustin Rumley
#88 Keith Rocco*
#90 Terry Carroll
#91 Justin Carroll
#97 Greg Edwards*
#98 BJ Mackey
#99 Peyton Sellers

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