Touring Series: Langley Speedway Opens For 65th Season

IMG_0095 2

Hampton, VA – The time is here, the time is now! A tried and true tradition in the Hampton Roads area in the spring – Langley Speedway opens its gates for crews, drivers, and fans a like. Tonight will mark the 65th year the tricky flat track has been open for business, and I probably don’t have to tell you this year is going to be big!

Yes this is Langley’s first official race of the 2015 NASCAR Whelen All-American Season but, this will be race number two on our Touring Series schedule (2015 Touring Series Schedule). Just like last year we will have you covered LIVE on our Twitter page. If you have not already, head on over (@theweeklyracer), click the follow button and hey while your there give us a little shout out – let us know where your from, who you root for, if your coming to the track – and we will make sure that YOU get retweeted! So, just like last year we will have your lap-by-lap coverage for both the Late Model Stock & Modified qualifying. We will also post your starting five for the Grandstocks, UCARS, Legends & Bandos.

If you didn’t know what to do with your Saturday night, don’t look any further! Teams have been preparing for months to get back to the track and the time has finally come. Not to mention it is starting to look like a star studded line-up, and not to mention we already have our first plot twist before the green flag was even brought out of its peaceful winter slumber!

Last year Matt Waltz – driver of the Waltz Engineered Sales #2 Chevy – racked up an impressive 12 wins, week in and week out battling with previous track champion Greg Edwards, who he eventually would lose the track championship to due to some miscommunication during the Hampton Heat. I am sure everyone in the stands were looking forward to these two going at it again, well its very sad to say we will not see that #2 car just yet. In dealing with a break issue Waltz Racing has declared the car is not at a competitive level, they will continue to work on her and hope for a quick return to the track Waltz Racing.

Looks like we will have quite the line up of LMSC drivers as it has been confirmed that 2014 Southern National Motorsports Park track champion Tommy Lemmons, Jr will be in attendance. He was here yesterday for some testing and told us he felt pretty decent, being it was the first time seeing the track. He will have more time to fine tune his machine to get ready for the difference in banking. It has also been rumored, and we will have to wait till we get to the track, that Deac McCaskill is also going to race tonight.

We will be going LIVE on Twitter this evening around 4:45 PM EDT. Make sure you tune in and even interact!

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