Cody Carlton Extends Streak to Five at Movement Mortgage 250

Cody Carlton 5th Top Dog

Richmond, VA – A program that was started over 10 years ago in the Hampton Roads area and since moved to Richmond is a way for driver young and old to “learn” the ropes or hone their skills during the off season. Arena Racing, established in 2002 by Ricky Dennis is racing done in doors usually during the off-season of NASCAR and other local short track programs.

If you have never been to one of these events I highly recommend you taking the trip to Richmond and witness a race. These are half scale; rear engine cup style cars that run full roll cages along with racing slicks and coil over suspension. Races are run in a “heat style” format on a high-banked hockey rink sized aluminum track.

Due to a series of events we found ourselves in the Richmond area on the second night of a double-header event at the Richmond Coliseum for the Movement Mortgage 200.

Qualifying for the mains were held earlier in the afternoon where Cody Carlton found himself in yet another A-Main and looking to continue his winning streak to five. Because this is a points based racing series where drivers are competing for a $10,000 championship trophy here is how the points work. 30 points are given to the winner of the A, 27 points for the winner of the B, 25 for the C and 23 points if there is a D Main. The winner of the Top Dog race will receive 5 bonus points toward the championship.

Lately the man to beat has been that 94 car of Cody Carlton and this weekend did not look to be any different. Carlton would qualify the car earlier that afternoon on the pole for the A-Main yet again but would start sixth due to the redraw. However it was not enough to keep him away from victory lane.

2.28.25 Top Dog grid

Due to a mix up in timing we got to the arena just after the B-main started and it was the Dylan Loving show. Holding off the field Loving was able to capture the win and somehow manage to pull a 1, meaning he would start on the pole for the Top Dog race. John Nickens was your victor in the C-main for the first time this season. Angela Marie Steele would gain the final transfer spot into the Top Dog with her second place finish is just two starts.

During the break we had two Youth Division mains, these are drivers under the age of 13 who are looking to gain as much experience as possible. What these drivers lacked in age they certainly made up for in excitement. Always nice to see when the younger generations hope inside the car and give some of the adults (aka the Pros) a run for their money. Garret Maines (A) & Layton Harrison (B) were the victors in their respective finales.

With the field set and driver intros taken care of the field was doubled up, warmed up and set sail for 50 laps of action. Of course everyone’s eyes were again on Carlton, as he would have to start the race in the middle of the pack. Remember everyone fourteen drivers in half scale cup cars on an aluminum track the size of a hockey rink, doesn’t take to long for bad things to start happening!

One thing that caught me by surprise trying to cover a race like this was just how fast things took place. Loving was able to create a pretty good size lead for himself with Spurlock just behind him. Only 12 laps into the 79 machine of Jason Styron goes for an inverted slide into the inside retaining wall; driver was able to exit the car and eventually the track, his night was over.

The green was displayed back to the field and Loving was wasting no time clearing the field trying to put some distance between he and Carlton. Those two would both clear Spurlock who would fall back into line in the third position, now the race was really on! Loving was out front and looking pretty good to break Carlton’s streak until coming up to lap traffic. As the leaders approached the back markers things got a little squirrely causing Loving to check up and Carlton to make the pass.

Not giving up the 4 of Loving held onto about a fifteen-foot lead over Carlton who was having a little trouble making it past the lapped car of Tommy Jackson, Jr. Not to sure what the Jacksons spotter was telling him but the two ran door to door for about three laps as if they were fighting for the lead. Things were looking all but wrapped up for Carlton until the 47 of Angela Marie gets jammed into the wall just ahead of him. She was able to keep things under control and the race under green. However, the field was really trying to wreck as the yellow flag was displayed with just five laps remaining.

Even after bunching the cars up it was not enough to keep the 94 car out of victory lane for the fifth consecutive time! Carlton cleared the field into turn one with ease leaving the rest of the field to duke it out to the checkered.

“That was probably the most fun race we have had in the last for or six or however many we had,” Carlton said in victory lane. “I have to give a shout out to Dylan though he raced me clean. He got caught up in lap traffic and we just took advantage of it, we just had another really fast car. Gotta thank Andy Graham and my sponsors Coldstone, Door Engineering, Ace Sheet Metal, Graham Racing Enterprises, FRT Motorsports, Little GI Joes Military Surplus, Advance Auto Parts, Irwin’s Pharmacy.”


Arena Racing USA will be back in action at the Richmond Coliseum Friday March 20th. Pre-race pit party gets underway at 6:30pm green flag to drop at 7:30pm. Head over to for details on tickets!


Top Dog Race Results:

1 – #94 Cody Carlton
2 – #4 Dylan Loving
3 – #87 Tommy Jackson, Jr.
4 – #1 Jason Manes
5 – #12 Dystany Spurlock
6 – #20 Mike Weddell
7 – #17T Camden Testerman
8 – #11 Connor Medeiros
9 – #6 Casey Sipe
10 – #17 John Nickens
11 – #47 Angela Marie Steele
12 – #18 Scott Prillaman
13 – #01 Frances Jarrelle III
14 – #79 Jason Styron

A Main Race Results:

1 – Cody Carlton
2 – Scott Prillaman
3 – Dystany Spurlock
4 – Camden Testerman
5 – Mike Weddell
6 – Tommy Jackson, Jr.
7 – Connor Medeiros
8 – Scott Allen
9 – Cullen Roberts

B Main Race Results:

1 – Dylan Loving
2 – Casey Sipe
3 – Jason Styron
4 – Jason Manes
5 – Frances Jarrelle III
6 – Jim Grady, Jr.
7 – Mini Tyrrell
8 – Matt Midgett

C Main Race Results:

1 – John Nickens
2 – Angela Marie Steele
3 – Savannah Nickens
4 – Jeff Dodson
5 – Matt Sanders
6 – Bryan Hager
7 – John Alford
8 – Lin O’Neill


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