The Weekly Racer Announces 2015 Touring Series Schedule (Pt. 1)

2015 Touring Season Edit1Newport News, VA – 2014 was a big year for us in the office of The Weekly Racer, had a lot of things thrown at us, a lot of set back and hard times but plenty of ups as well. Spent the whole year learning and meeting a ton of new people who have really helped us grow and expand our efforts. One of the most difficult adventures for us last year was this very series. On the flip side to that it was one of the most exciting series. This series took me to tracks I have never been to before, I have gotten to see weekly racing series that I have never witnessed before, met drivers who could easily make it to one of the top tiers of NASCAR.

For the second season we have decided to compile 10 races that we feel are going to be some of the best and most interesting races of the season. Some races were carefully selected to help broaden our horizons, visiting tracks or series we have never been to before, others were picked because we know they will be ones for the record books. Bellow we have posted the first five races in the ten race series, placed in order by the date of the race, and with a little bit of info on why we picked this race. I want to know your opinion as well Make sure you leave a comment bellow if you will be at the race, how you think it will turn out, or just your thoughts on our pick.

We will set up a separate page with this schedule as well as an easy “go to” menu to check out all ten race recaps, photos, and other information. All races on this schedule are subject to cancellation or change due to weather conditions. We are also looking for a title sponsor for this series to help bring you all the fun. If you might be interested in this sponsorship but would like more information on prices and benefits please email us at



March 28
CARS Tour: SLM 150 / Pro LMSC 150

1. Southern National will play “Hat Trick” for The Weekly Racer. This will be the first race of the touring series, first official race of our season, as well as the inaugural race in the CARS Tour. Though this will not be the first time at this track this will obviously be our first time with the CARS Tour. Excited over the past season with the announcement and format and even more excited with talks on how many cars have signed up almost promises one hell of an evening!


Langley LogoApril 4
“Opening Night”
LMSC 100 / Modified 50 / Grand Stock 40 / Legends 25 / Bandos 15 / UCAR 25

2. Langley Speedway will open its doors for the 65th year this year which of course means something special for me. Being as unbiased as possible in my write ups and interviews but with Langley being my home away from home this is something truly special for me! Not to mention 100 laps on tap for the Late Models at, in my opinion, at one of the toughest tracks in the Mid-Atlantic. Now pair that with the modified series who brought an average of 18 cars each week they raced along with the very popular Grand Stock division.

Orange County logoApril 18
CARS Tour: SLM 150 / Pro LMSC

3. Not but a month apart we will return to the CARS Tour series however this time at a track we have never attended before! Part of my goals with this series is to bring you guys along on a journey, a journey to places and races you have never been to before. We are always excited to venture out and experience new things and we are proud to bring you along for the ride. There is no doubt in my mind this touring series will bring some of the best drivers to some of the best tracks in the region and we are excited to bring that excitement to your smart phones and computers all over the country! 

sobo2May 9
LMSC T-75 / LLM 50 / Modifieds 50 / Pure Stock 30 / Hornets 15

4. Race #4 along with track #4 going into the 2015 edition of the touring series. This will be just the third time heading out west to South Boston, Virginia and just the second time covering a NWAAS series race at the track. This race was a no brainer for us to put on the schedule with two 75 lap features in the LMSC division as well as 50 laps in the Limited division who have put on an incredible show both times we were there. What stuck out to us was the IMCA style asphalt Modified’s getting the invite to hit the historic asphalt.


east carolinaMay 16
LMSC 75 / Modified T-20 / Street Stock 25 / Mini Stock 25 / UCAR 25

5. A true diamond in the rough would be my call with this track in the 2014 season. Running their first official season under the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series banner offering Late Model, Limited Late Model, Street Stock and UCAR racing all on Friday nights. My original thoughts going into the season that running on Fridays would be a huge advantage seemed to not be so true. Over the off-season track management decided to make the jump to Saturday night racing, I am hoping this will invite more drivers now they don’t have to fight for time off work. Track officials also adding more divisions in hopes to also invite more drivers. Excited to get back to this track to see how the new rules package works out for these Late Model Stock Cars.

*Dates subject to cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen events*

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