Fourteen of the Best Photos from 2014

So I went through all my files the other day trying to clean things up and get ready for this season. I got to looking at all of my photos that I took throughout the 2014 season and got to thinking, what if I post fourteen of my favorite photos from the 2014 season as a way to look back and reflect. I will say you could clearly see that as time and the season went on I got a little bit better behind the lens. I learned that just because you got a good shot in one location doesn’t mean your going to get that same great shot next time. I learned moving around, different settings, different angles are key! The imagines are not in any particular order, completely random actually. Hope you guys enjoyed them as much as I did. Feel free to leave a comment if you would like to share a story from any of these photos.


1. Shawn Balluzzo wins 7th Modified division championship.



2. A beautiful October afternoon at East Carolina Motor Speedway.




3. Young gun Tyler Ankrum challenges Matt Waltz for the lead.



2. Tim Allensworth_ECMS

4. Tim Allensworth proves less is sometimes more. Loved this paint scheme.



3. Karts Langley

5. Never a dull turn-out of Champ Karts as they get ready to qualify.



4. McCaskill_Langley

6. Deac McCaskill makes his debut at the flat track of Langley Speedway in the 2014 Hampton Heat. He would finish 8th on the night/morning.




7. First time visiting South Boston Speedway and seeing Super Late Models. Loved the single file line of the series stickers during the pit party.



7. SoBo 200

8. Second visit to SoBo was for the first leg in the VA Triple Crown Series. Loved to see all these cars packed on pit road, mind you this was just the turn one section.






8. Southern Mods Langley

9. Beautiful shot as the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified sit on pit road at Langley Speedway after their time trials waiting for the pit party. Amazing machines with outrageous power.




9. K&N Langley

10. I was hesitant on picking this one because of the blur but something about the cars, the stands and the racing. Ben Rhodes leads the pack into and through turn one, he would later win the race.




10. Wayne Hartley ECMS

11. Wayne Harley of Maryland tackling the difficult turn two of East Carolina Motor Speedway during the Ronnie Barnett Memorial race in October.





12. Trying out a few different angles and focus points. Was able to snap this beauty of Matt Waltz during a practice session late in the season at Langley Speedway.






12. Sarkees Mod Langley

13. Taylor Sarkees out for qualifying this summer. Just as I started getting better behind the camera lens I loved how clear this one came out, not to mention a nice looking car.




14. Legends @ Langley

14. Potentially my favorite shot from 2014 and it came late in the season. Spencer Saunders leading eventual track champion Brandon Gdovic and Brian May into turn one.





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