Haley Moody’s Determination Earns Her Our ‘Hard Charger Award’

Haley MoodyLucama, NC – The one thing you never want to do is go into a big race weekend and make a small mistake that takes you out of contention. 2014 track champion Haley Moody came into the weekend as one of the favorites to win this years Thanksgiving All-Star Classic having one of those said small mistakes. Much like our last presentation of this award, I honestly feel if this little mistake had never happened, Moody would have been right up there in contention for the win, top three at the worst.

We were about 20 laps into the 150 lap feature when Moody, who was working around the machine of Corey Walker for position, came out of turn four and made their way down the front-stretch. It was like someone sitting trackside tossed an anchor over the catch fence, wrapped it around her rear bumper, and let it drag around behind her. As Moody went by us in the media booth, it was obvious she was not under her own power, her car was dead in the water!

No caution flag was thrown as Moody slowly tip toed her way into turn one losing steady track positions and eventually her lap. She would eventually get her car back up to speed and rejoin the fun, just with a little more work ahead of her than some of the other guys. A frustrated Moody had to go into the halfway break sitting eleventh on the track one lap down. With a few cautions during the second half, her family and team behind her, and determination from the wheel holder, Moody was able to battle back to a 7th place*  lap finish. With that being said, this is clearly enough to earn her The Weekly Racer Harder Charger Award – don’t worry Haley we are currently in discussion with our financial team to get a plaque or something made up! We were able to catch up with her after the race to get some word from her.

“My switches are really close together,” Moody stated after the race. “When I went to flip my fan on it shut the ignition off. During the halfway work session Moody told us she started running a little hot so she went to hit the fan switch and then boom, nothing more from the power supply. Situations like these are often the catalyst in the downfall of a team, however, this was not the case at Haley Moody Racing.

“We were focused on getting our lap back, and getting through the field avoiding the wrecks,” Moody spoke about her team during halftime. “Which we did, I couldn’t have asked for a better team.” 

I am still a firm believer if she did not have this little mishap so early in the race causing her to use up the car a little more than originally planned, she would have been a strong candidate for nothing less than a podium finish. It just helps prove our case even more on why she deserves this honor. Even when faced with adverse conditions she kept her head up and fighting towards the finish line.

Do you and your team have what it takes to end up on this list, guess we will just have to wait till next season to find out.


*Official results still pending full technical inspection of race winner. Second place car has already been disqualified. 

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