BREAKING: Andrew Grady Stripped Of Second Place Victory, Tony Under Further Inspection

Lucama, NC — Without the proper equipment on hand it was not possible to make a ruling the night of the race. It was decided by all parties’ involved further evaluation and interpretation of the rules was needed before a final determination could be made on the motors in the 1st and 2nd place finishers.

We have concluded the inspection of the 2nd place finisher and found the pistons used in the motor did not meet the rules as written in the NASCAR rule book. We will now turn our attention to the 1st place finisher and will report the findings after a complete and thorough examination of the motor is made.

In order to ensure there is no delay imposed on the rest of the field while we conclude our inspection, the purse will be distributed based on the current unofficial finishing order. Any adjustments, if needed, will be sent out after we conclude the inspection on the 1st place finisher.

We apologize for the delay but as we have stated before it is the policy of SNMP to give the racer every benefit of doubt before imposing any type of penalty. In no way will we jump to a conclusion without 100% certainty, regardless of how long it takes or who the racer is.

Southern National Motorsports Park believes it is the fair enforcement of the rules that uphold the integrity of the sport and make the competitors want to be involved and is committed to ensure every competitor is treated fairly with the respect they deserve.

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