Fun Day Caps Off Great Season at Albemarle Speedway


Elizabeth City, NC – What better way to wrap up a season than inviting all your members out for a backyard style cook out, a trophy presentation, and some good times out on the track. The Albemarle Kart Club Association was established back in 1978 for those looking to get their start in racing as well as those who have been racing. Located on the Dixieland Motor Speedway Complex, practically in the middle of nowhere, you will find the slightly banked, dirt oval go kart track that has been described to me as a drivers track.

Gathering together one final time before the winter months are upon us and racing takes a break, though if you were at the track yesterday you would have thought winter was already here! Instead of spending hard earned money on a huge banquet hall and sitting trough this long speech(s) from drivers who more than likely did not want to speak anyway. Instead President Doug Johnson decided to organize a “Fun day” for his members. “The idea is to get people who have never ridden a kart to come ride and have fun,” Johnson said about fun day. “Plus the lack of organized classes allows people to race together who wouldn’t normally have that chance like parent and child.”

Didn’t matter who you were, member, n00b, crew chief, or wife you were invited to come enjoy the festivities. Even yours truly was invited to hop in a kart and give her a shot thanks to Paul Maxon & Doug Warren for letting me use their equipment. Only four semi-organized race was on tap for the day – a champion’s race with an interesting twist, no literally they installed a bus stop on the back stretch AND THEN made them run the track backwards, a crew chief race (the race I ran in), a powder puff race, and the highlight of the day the Champ Karts.

Champ Karts

Yup that’s right, take those wings off and widen up those right side tires folks, you’re not in Kansas anymore – and when I say Kansas I totally mean Langley Speedway; the normal home track these champs run on. 20 laps the distance for this one where a random poker chip draw set the starting line up. Danny Wyatt, driving the #30 machine drew the number one spot while Amanda Frye filled the final starting position in ninth.

From the drop of the green flag it looked like Danny Wyatt was going to be the cream of the crop so to speak. He and Jonathan Mullett were going to run away with things. However, the good ole yellow flag bunched everyone up. Certainly not what Wyatt wanted to see but worked out great in favor for Cody Carlton who was running third at the time.

On the ensuing restart both Mullet & Carlton got an amazing restart, so good in fact they dove to the inside of Wyatt racing down the backstretch. As the three of them made it to turn three Wyatt was just high enough to get in the dusty stuff and almost slide off the track! Fortunate enough for him, we were running on dirt where anything could happen at any given time! This left the battle for the lead up to Cody and Jonathan.



Things got a little dicey just after the third restart when a three wide battle for the lead with Carlton, Wyatt and Hudgins was put to a halt when the #29 machine of Amanda Frye took a ride through the turn two grass – which was the culprit for a lot of spins with these karts for some reason.

Once the field got the green flag Wyatt cracked the whip and capitalized on a slip from Carlton to regain the lead and bringing Ryan Hudgins with him. Carlton, not the one to back down and give up, mounted one final charge for the second spot was denied as the two made contact and killing any run Carlton had for the victory.

Wyatt was able to hold off the charge of both Hudgins and Carlton to win the $100 purse offered by Kart President Doug Johnson and the Albemarle Kart Club. Ryan Hudgins & Cody Carlton took the checkered flag running second and third respectively. As the top three approached the checkered flag teammate Amanda Frye mounted one last charge on the #95 of Mullet but was not able to make a clean pass and would finish inside the top five.

1. #30 Danny Wyatt
2. #33 Ryan Hudgins
3. #94 Cody Carlton
4. #95 Jonathan Mullet
5. #29 Amanda Frye
6. #10 Danny Millard
7. #02 Jordan Valdez
8. #27 Cullen Roberts
9. #16 David Millard

Other News:

Besides a pretty sweet kart race in my opinion I was able to jump in a flat kart – for those reading this who may not know what a flat kart is just check the image out bellow – to see me doing my thing! Thirteen or so years it has been since I have been behind the wheel of one of these things, and it was all because of Paul Maxon, crew chief/mad scientist behind Amanda Frye racing as well as long time stock car driver Doug Warren, for letting me use one of his machines through out the day.



Once the awards ceremony – which by the way I will have the top three championship drivers posted bellow – and the pretty awesome lunch wrapped up we were able to get some semi organized races in. One of those race being a “Crew Chief” race which I was lucky enough to enter. The race was about 10 laps, with about five or six other karts on the track. A lot of us from what I was being told were first time racers which was fine with me because well, so was I. Now its hard to classify this as a “real” race because the moment we were released from the grid we got the green flag, but for me this was my one and only race of the day.

The few things I remember about the race were pretty simple, 1. I spun in turn four because I was trying to adjust in the seat and hit the brake to hard, 2. I passed four different karts twice through out the race, and 3. I saw the white and checkered flag drop first. So be it as it may I can’t say I was officially the winner of this one but that is what we at The Weekly Racer are going with.

Also want to give a shout out to Langley Speedway UCAR driver Ashten Mullett for her win in the Powder Puff race to cap the day off. She was able to hold off a pretty hard charge a few little love taps from Wing Champ Kart regular Amanda Frye, who would finish second. I have to admit I kind of dropped the ball here because I failed to get the names of the other two ladies who had the guts to get out on the dirt and give it a shot! Anyone reading this that was there and knows please give them a shout out in the comments bellow. I do apologize; I was so wrapped up in the excitement of being able to get back on the track the offer to drive some more just took over!


The turnout and response from those in attendance were so great it has Johnson thinking another “Fun Day” might be a great idea for sometime in the spring. For those of you who might be interested in joint this club the track is located just about 45 minutes from the peninsula, the 2015 season is set to get back under the lights on Saturday nights starting in March. For more information I recommend checking them out on the web at Albemarle Kart Club Association as well as their Facebook page. Just bellow here you will find a complete list of the 2014 champions and their division they ran in!

Albemarle Kart Club Champions:

Animal Heavy:
1. #98 Josh Pierce
2. #20 Grant Hall
3. #21 Alton Weaver

Jr. 1 Heavy:
1. #8 Logan Brown
2. #15 Justin Allison
3. #15 Jake Bray

Jr. 1 Light:
1. #15 Justin Allison
2. #15 Jake Bray
3. #8 Logan Brown

Jr. 2 Heavy:
1. #12 Taylor Johnson
2. #78 Braxtan Parrish
3. #38 Shane Phelps

Jr. 2 Light:
1. #78 Braxtan Parrish
2. #12 Taylor Johnson
3. #38 Shane Phelps

Heavy Novice:
1. #2 Matt Vaughn

Animal Med.:
1. #98 Justin Jones
2. #21 Alton Weaver

Stock Heavy:
1. #83 Trevor Old

Box Stock Hev.:
1. #32 Josh Jennings
2. #10 JT Walters

Limited Modified:
1. #97 Ryan Garrett
2. #17 Erik Burton
3. #32 Stuart Jennings




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