To Quiet On The Western Front/Updates

nwaasThere is one thing I can promise you, we are not done just yet this year! The other thing I can promise you is I have been itching to get back to the track! If you have that same itch you may get your fill this weekend at Southern National Motorsports Park for the Halloween Spooktacular 150, head over to their website, for more information.

I would like to take a moment to thank all the drivers who were apart of the driver series this season. It got a lot of great attention, publicity, and the drivers had fun! I had a great time learning everything about different drivers from all over. If you have not already noticed we wrapped up season one and are already working on getting drivers on the grid for next season. Please, during the off-season shoot me an email – – to get a time set up for yourself, or if you know someone who would be interested. It’s a great way to get your name and your sponsors names out there!

We have a few more races on our calendar for 2014 that we will be providing LIVE coverage on our twitter feed – which by the way if you don’t have a Twitter you should sign up for one its quick, FREE, and an easy way to stay up to date with whats going on where we are. Now I know I try my best to post credible news, interviews and recaps but sometimes we have to head out-of-town for a little bit of fun. With that being said the first up on our schedule is a little dirt track racing down in Charlotte. We will be there November 5th through 8th.

Perfect timing if you really think about it. Instead of driving straight back we are going to head on over to Southern National for very anticipated Autumn Classic. After missing last years race, which was actually run during the Thanksgiving All-Star classic – because of work, we are excited to finally be able to attend this event in its entirety. Practice and qualifying will be held Saturday November 8th with the 200 lap feature the following day.

Next on the agenda, a race that I have yet to experience personally or professionally… the Myrtle Beach 400! Teams are able to sign in at the speedway starting Thursday. Practice/Qualifying/Heat Races will be run Friday and Saturday respectively. The main event for all divisions (Super Trucks, KOMA Mods, LMSC) will run Sunday November 23rd. 

Again, I want to apologize for the lack of good quality content but I hope everyone can understand and appreciate it all has a reason behind it. I am looking forward to getting back behind the computer and interacting with you all. I have a few ideas of stories I want to write, questions I want to ask you all, and things to work on for next year.

We are also looking to expand next year and need your help! We are looking to sell advertisements for the website to help some of the financial side of things. We have put together a pretty nice looking sponsorship/advertising package and would love to share it with you. I am able to email or snail mail this to you, which ever is best for you. If you would like more information please shoot me an email –>

Remaining 2014 Schedule;
November 8: Autumn Classic
November 23: Myrtle Beach 400

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