BREAKING: Langley Speedway Modified Points Leader To Pilot Different Car


Hampton, VA – BREAKING NEWS!  Just got word that Langley Speedway points leader, Shawn Balluzzo will be driving a completely different car this evening in hopes of a record tying seventh division title at the speedway. We were at open practice Thursday evening when the motor on the 48 machine decided it was done for the season, just two days prior to literally and figuratively the biggest race of Balluzzo’s season. The modifieds are set to take the track this evening in a 75 lap “Main Event” so to speak as only 18 points separate Balluzzo from Danny Harrell. It has already been confirmed that 20 modifieds have signed in earlier this morning so the start and park, or present and park idea is well out of the question. Balluzzo has 18 spots on the track as a cushion tonight (Langley awards 26 points for the winner and subtracts one point per position under the leader), but not running the race would be to risky if Harrell were able to pull off a win.

Maryland native and newcomer to the speedway this year (well maybe not to the speedway but new to me) Wayne Hartley has offered his ride to Balluzzo for the evening. Hartley who has been on a steady rise this season, and I honestly mean that, each week the guy gets better and better, befriended Balluzzo earlier this season. Balluzzo being the type of guy he is, has helped Hartley over the season with tips and tricks so to say to help with the car. Maybe this action tonight is his way of saying thank you! The Mods will run second to last tonight so it will give both crews plenty of time to get the car where it needs to be.


We will be on scene and providing LIVE coverage beginning at 4:30 PM this afternoon. Don’t forget race fans to help get through tonight’s eight race card, the green flag has been moved up to 6:00 PM tonight. Make sure you get to the track early, eight champions will be crowned tonight and you will not want to miss this.

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