Greg Edwards Poised For Fourth Track Championship

ProfileHampton, VA – As weather moved into the region earlier this afternoon either delaying or pushing back on track activities, Virginia Motor Speedway has cancelled, South Boston had about a two-hour rain delay. However, mother nature sometimes is the victor before the green flag gets to even wave. With rain canceling tonight’s program, were able to catch up with current Late Model Stock points leader at Langley Speedway, Greg Edwards.

Actually yesterday we caught up Edwards yesterday for a real quick Q & A as we quickly approach the end of the regular season. I will say one question will have to be slightly amended due to this rain out. For the past two weeks the Late Model division have not races due to the Whelen Modified tour coming to town and the NASCAR boys up in Richmond. Our original question was if Edwards thought the two weeks off would hurt the teams mojo or allow for them to regroup and finish out strong.

“We are fine,” was Edwards reply. “[We] just had some bad luck last race with a tire going down, plus I think the cooler weather is good for our team” Of course Edwards is talking about the hole in the tire the team found while in tech for the first race. Of course a whole in the tire is no good and forced the team to make a tire change. Because you have to start the second race on the same four tires you start race one on, Edwards had to take his machine to the rear of the field. That allowed Waltz to sweep the night, but let me tell you watching Edwards fight back to a seventh place finish was pretty darn exciting.

Before the events of this evening, and when I say events I mean the pesky rain, only three races were left on the schedule for the Late Models. I did some small calculations before reaching out to Edwards and came up with a lucky number 6. That was the farthest back Edwards could finish if Matt Waltz were to win out to secure his fourth Langley Speedway champion by a very interesting one point! I asked Greg what the focus was going to be in these final weeks with that information available, again we got the answer we were expecting. “I’m going for wins,” Edwards said. “At the same time just try not to get myself into any bad situations.” 

I have not been able to speak with track management to see if any “make up” race or races will be put on the schedule, or even if next weeks 125 lap race will be changed into twins. I will get that information to you as soon as it becomes available though. As the days and weekends click away we get closer and closer to the big post season races. Of course I had to ask if we would see the likes of Edwards at some of these races. “We will probably do a few but not Martinsville as of now.”

The Late Model’s are slated to return to Langley Speedway next weekend for at least 125 lap feature. Gate open at 2:00 PM, qualifying is set to get underway around 4:30 with the green flag dropping at 7:00 PM.

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