Driver Series: Haley Moody

ProfileHaley Moody
Birthday: 02/09/1995
Hometown: Kinston, NC
Hometrack: Southern National Motorsports Park
Occupation: Race car driver/Student
Education: Sophomore in college

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Sponsors: Champion Spark Plugs, Ford Racing, Maxima Oil, Draco Springs, DP Fuels, Hank Thomas, Blacks Tire, Mel’s Ignition


This week we stay in the Limited Late Model division, as well as in the state of North Carolina and catch up with current Southern National Motorsports Park LLM points leader Haley Moody. I want to give you a closer experience with this young driver than you have had before. Come on in and get to know this young lady who in my opinion is on her way to making a huge name for herself down in Carolina.

“My Dad always had a car so I basically grew up around it,” Moody said while speaking on what sparked her interest in the sport. “I was always at the track with him whether it was in the pits or the stands. Maybe she wanted to keep it in the family or just maybe it was actually in her blood, but ever since Haley Moody was little she knew she wanted to strap into a race car. At the ripe ole’ age of 15, Moody made her racing debut in 2010 in the 4-Cylinder division at Coastal Plains Raceway in Jacksonville, North Carolina. “The first race I drove in I won!” Haley would go on an capture two more wins that rookie season for a total of three while finishing the rest of the races on the podium… at the age of 15! She was winning racing that she could barely drive her self to!

In 2011 I raced street at Coastal Plains and had a successful year,” explained Moody. “In 2012, I started racing Limited Late models at Coastal Plains and I ran a few races at Southern National Motorsports Park in Kenly, NC. Her first ever race in a Limited Late Model came at Coastal Plains while the South East Limited Late Model series (SELLM) was in town, Moody would take home a very respectful 4th place finish in my book! Haley would make another move up the ladder so to say in 2013 by running a full season in the charger division at the high back oval that is Southern National Motorsports Park, “I finished the season with 2 wins, 2nd in points, and driver of the year!

There are a few questions that I like to ask every driver we talk to simply because sometimes its always nice to “toot your own horn sometimes,” something my mother would always say followed by a stern reminder that there is a different between bragging and confidence. “My biggest accomplishment would probably have to be my limited late model win at Myrtle Beach,” Moody said when we asked her to name us a few. “That would be the last race my dad would see because he passed away 24 hours later with lung cancer. Not only that but she was the first female to sit on the pole and win a race at Myrtle Beach Speedway. To me sounded like that weekend was planned a little bit ahead of time if you get what I mean! “I’ve always looked up to my Dad. He always knew what to tell me even though he didn’t race.”

To some Hayley Moody is your average young adult growing up in this world trying to make something of her self, to others she’s that hero other young ladies look up to and maybe even want to try and be one day. Make sure to check out the interview bellow and get to know a little more about this talented young lady.

Hayley is currently holding on to a 38 point lead over Dillon Spain after a disqualification was over turned by track officials with just three races left in the season. If you would live to see her run her final two points race of the season head out to Southern National Motorsports Park tonight (9/13)! Gates will open at 2:00 PM, Qualifying at 5:00 PM, Racing to start at 7:00!


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