#77 Connor Hall – LMSC

ProfileConnor Hall
D.O.B: February 17, 1997 
Hometown: Hampton, Va
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Occupation: Student

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Sponsors: Charles Barker Toyota, Townebank, Western Branch Disel, Jarret Bay Boatworks, Bluewater Yacht Sales



Have you earned any nicknames on or off the track?

C2 from when I was the second Connor on a travel soccer team, trouble just from being myself. I get Ricky Bobby a lot from my friends as well as the other great usual nick names from your friends. 

Describe yourself in three words or less.

Driven,  Social Butterfly.

So everyone has a guilty pleasure, something they like that is not “all that popular.” One of mine is rocking out to some old school N’Sync, What is Connor Hall’s guilty pleasure?

Late night Iracing. Ill stay up all night.


So this is probably going to be a an easy one. What is your favorite video game?




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