4CDL.com/TNCC Pt. 2: Twin UCAR Races

IMG_8444Newport News, VA – A UCAR for some who do not have these divisions at your local track is for the most part a four-cylinder, mainly domestic style car, that for the most part are supposed to remain street legal, of course with the minor altercations to make running on the speedway safe. The term UCAR literally means UCan-Afford-Racing, it is supposed to be a division that any person can take their street car make a few mods and bring it out to the track. In recent years/season their have been so many modifications the Langley Speedway UCAR division has slowly turned into what are considered Mini Stocks at other local short tracks.

The evening started just as usual with qualifying time trials for the UCAR division, the only other division running that we cover at for the evening. Rookie of the Year leader & Points Leader Justin Fuller smashed the track record in both laps but finally etching a    18.956 into the record books! It was almost like a grand prix race as it was a battle of the After market wheels -vs- Stock Wheels. It was crazy the amount of “drive in” these new wheels gave those cars, while also taking away from the lift you will normally see from the left rear tire.

As the green flag waved over the field for the first race we immediately were back to yellow as the #4 of Isidro & #40 of  Wood go for a spin in turn two. A complete restart would follow as Fuller, Wilson, and Schaffer all took off leaving about a three to four car lead over Richard Ellis. After another quick caution the top three really went to work beating and banging while Eric Schaffer was able to make a pass on Fuller and hold on to the lead for a few laps all while Wilson got under the 03 pushing him back to the third spot. Fuller gathered his car back up, mounted a huge charge and was able to snatch the lead back with about five laps to go. Wilson  was also able to get back around Schaffer and would finish second in race one.  Schaffer, Shiflett, and Richard Ellis making up the rest of the top five and in fact creating the starting order for race two.

Race two for the UCARS got underway as the sun set on Langley Speedway and it didn’t take long for things to heat up. As I was heading to my spot to cover the race I saw some contact between the #7 of Ashten Mullett & #10 of John Matthews but I could not see what started it. Up front however, Tim Wilson took the lead early from Fuller but was forced to back it down when the caution came out. Trying to use the cone to his advantage Eric Schaffer lined up on the outside and peddled hard into turn one.

What happened next was I’m sure a little bit of payback as Matthews got into the side of Mullett, however he never lifted and drove her right into the turn four wall. Both cars had to come down pit road and would eventually have to call it quits for the night. Wilson had opened up pretty much a full straightaway lead over Fuller and cruised to his first win this season. Fuller would finish second with Eric Schaffer flexing his muscles coming on third in both races. Jesse Jones would inherit fourth position due to two cars failing post race tech. Courtney Shiflett would also benefit from the DQ’s and would come home with a top five finish in race two.


Race #1:
1. (03) Justin Fuller
2. (71) Tim Wilson
3. (3) Eric Schaffer
4. (36) Courtney Shiflett
5. (41) Richard Ellis
6. (92) Frank Silva
7. (5) Jesse Jones IV
8. (40) Brandon Wood
9. (10) John Matthews
10. (0) Keith Wheeler
11. (7) Ashten Mullett
12. (4) Nick Isidro
13. (09) Nick Gundacker
14. (28) Tommy Gildea

Race #2:
1. (71) Tim Wilson
2. (03) Justin Fuller
3. (3) Eric Schaffer
4. (5) Jesse Jones IV
5. (36) Courtney Shiflett
6. (40) Brandon Wood
7. (0) Keith Wheeler
8. (4) Nick Isidro
9. (28) Tommy Gildea
10. (10) John Matthews
11. (7) Ashten Mullett
DQ (41) Richard Ellis
DQ (92) Frank Silva

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