Waltz Opens The Door, Invites You In

IMG_4204Newport News, VA – Brothers tend to grow up getting into the same trouble, going to the same places, getting into the same trouble and wanting the same toys. Just so happened these brothers wanted toys that went fast! “My brother started racing and I wanted to as well,” Matt speaking about Kyle Waltz who will occasionally run the #0 car at Langley Speedway. “I started in 1999 in the novice class in HRKC.” The Hampton Roads Kart Club is an organization run out at Langley Speedway for those who race karts. Matter of fact Langley has seen a lot of great drivers come from the kart club, Matt clearly being on of them. Early on in his career Matt did run some mini cup races, correct me if I am wrong but these are still pretty much go karts just with full enclosed bodies. Matt would then move up into the Grandstock division at Langley before ultimately moving into the Late Models in 2008.

Waltz struggled early in his Late Model career as to be expected. These machines are a whole new beast to tame. I remember a few years where if it were not for bad luck, both the Waltz brothers would have no luck! It wasn’t until 2012 where the tides finally turned and Waltz Racing started making some headway. The 2012 mechanical engineering graduate from Old Dominion University (GO MONARCHS – c/o 2013 my self!) decided it was time to get more serious! “I really took a new outlook on how we go about preparing our race cars when I built my car for Langley in 2012,” Waltz explained. “This is [what] really brought the success in winning my first race and the nine so far this year.” 

When asked to describe some major accomplishments of his career we found Waltz pretty humble and proud of himself and his team for being where they are at so far this season. “Definitely would have to be how well we’ve ran this year and the eight [at the time of this interview Waltz was sitting at eight wins] win we have so far.” Just like mentioned above Matt now has a new found appreciation and understanding of what goes into setting up a fast race car with the help of his degree. “I’m also proud of myself and our team for working to get where we are at without in the shop hired help,” says Waltz. “Leading the program to be able to compete and win is a pretty big accomplishment because the other guys are so good as well!”

Waltz would find victory lane yet again this past weekend at Langley Speedway splitting a pair of twin races with current point leader Greg Edwards. Waltz will return to Langley Speedway August 16th for 150 laps. I would also like to invite you to head over and check out our exclusive interview with Matt, just follow the link –> #2 Matt Waltz

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