BREAKING NEWS: Reports Coming In, Tony Stewart In Altercation With Another Sprint Car

Okay so I know we are a local short track website but a buddy of mine who I have meet through the racing community just texted me telling me I needed to look up Kevin Ward & Tony Stewart, now! Reports are coming in from Canadiagua Speedway (New York) of an altercation between Ward and Stewart. Again, please understand that all of this is UNCONFIRMED!!! Reports are Ward and Stewart tangle on the speedway, Ward exits his car, approaches Stewarts car, Stewart gets on the gas and hits Ward. Reports are saying all activities at the speedway have been cancelled, an ambulance helicopter was called in, and sherifs were on scene.

Again, please understand this is all unconfirmed information found on Alex Hayden & Tyler Burnett of MRN who again have expressed this is all information they are receiving from sources that were at the speedway.



Again race fans though this is a bit out of our scope of things, we are sending our thoughts and prayers for all of those who are involved. Will try to bring more information as it becomes available!


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