The Plot Thickens In South Carolina

Greenville Score BoardThe cat is finally out of the bag in the terms of Late Model Stock Car racing in the mid atlantic region. Recently our friend over at Race22 have started to uncover some pretty interesting facts about what is really going on in this “National points race,” if thats what you can call it!

Anthony Anders has been your National points leader since NASCAR officially released the standings after about the fifth week of competition this season. Lee Pulliam – the two-time defending National champion who started this season running in the K&N Pro Series East division – only sits thirteen points behind Anders in what I am calling a farce of a title run.

If you remember a story I posted closer to the beginning of the year stating the changes NASCAR made to the points system (NASCAR Makes Changes to Whelen Series) you will recall how I said this is going to cause some issues this season, and here they are finally coming out of the wood work. First off let me say I am all for an athlete coming right up front and being honest in hunting a national title. That’s great, and shows you mean business, which is exactly what Anders did at the start of this year.

What is going on down there in Greenville to make this happens is what make it almost embarrassing to say that I am a fan of the Whelen All-American Series. All of this really started becoming relevant when a few weeks ago Lee Pulliam and Travis Kiker decided to load their hauler up and take the competition right into Anders back yard. Mind you Anders running most of his races this year at Greenville, while Pulliam has been on the road just a little bit more.

This is when all the talks about start and parks (S&P) came up. For the few who may not know what or why this is a thing, a S&P is a car who grids up, takes one lap and pulls into the pits. Why do they do this you ask? Well NASCAR said to get “full field points” 18 cars must start the race, they don’t really care how many finish the event. They are used to pad the field, kind of like imitation crab meat. Talk around the town is that Anders is helping to fund about five or six of these cars so he can gain maximum points.

Another bit of controversy down there, and though it may be in their rule book but I find it to be down right stupid. Track officials allow truck’s to count towards to official field! From what I have read these are Late Model chassis and engines with truck bodies, please if I am wrong on this let us know! That still doesn’t make it right in my book, if that’s the case ladies and gentleman lets combine the Late Models and Grandstocks at Langley Speedway and start 24-26 cars on a weekly basis. How about combining the Late Models & Limited Late Models at East Carolina and give those drivers a chance at the national title. Hell lets put the LMSC & Limited Sportsman together at SoBo and have a 40 car field. There are different divisions for a reason, track officials and owners need to keep that in mind.

Not enough evidence to throw a red flag in your book, how about protest? I have heard of more protests from Anthony Anders these past two months than I have heard from SoBo, East Carolina, and Langley Combined…. FROM ALL THEIR DIVISIONS. Come on dude you get beat by another car or truck and you immediately think someone is cheating? What do you think you are gods given gift to asphalt short track racing? Of course track owners are going to let this kinda crap continue because its money in their pockets. Wait there is more! Just when you thought the protest game was over they add a twist…

Apparently down south you cannot protest the car behind you, only those who finished ahead of you. Sounds pretty fair to me, no point in challenging someone you beat. What happened that night however was well bizarre. According to Race22 Pulliam finished second to Anders and wanted to protest Anders win. Here is another little rule at Greenville, if you refuse to the protest you are disqualified. Reports were that Anders had his son protest/buy Pulliam’s motor. Of course Pulliam and Travis Kiker said no, I would have done the same thing.

Now we have Anders using the system to his advantage (electing to start 10th to receive an extra 5 points), booting cars out of the way to move to the front, and when all that fails just protest the winner. I am not writing this from a Lee Pulliam fan perspective, I am writing this from a race fan perspective. What is going on down at that race track from both the driver and owners is a disgrace to the sport. NASCAR may not have the time or resources to police every local short track around the nation but you as race fans sure can help this.

It is going to be pretty interesting to see how this plays out with Anders doing what ever he does down south. Pulliam working at multiple tracks around the region working hard to earn every point possible. Keith Rocco, currently sitting third thirty-seven points behind Anders working to get everything there is to get each week. “This is a disgrace,” Rocco said. “It makes NASCAR look bad. Makes the track look bad. It makes Anders look like a sore loser. You finished second and protested the guy who won. That’s poor sportsmanship if you ask me.” (Quote courtesy of Race22 // Keith Rocco Reacts to Greenville Controversy).  Rocco also understands the stigma of start and parks, but much like my opinions that’s only if you are on the cusp (16 to 17 car field), having five or more is just crazy!

NASCAR did release a statement to the guys at Race22, for the full statement in its pure form Click Here, but lets wrap this up in a manner that is normal to The Weekly Racer shall we. The release practically said that a rule book is given to each track as a guide to help them along the way. From those rules the competition director and/or owner can enforce rules as they see fit to help run their operation and those people do not need to consult NASCAR when enforcing a penalty or rule infraction. To me the release pretty much said the following;

”NASCAR does not have the time or the resources to watch over and govern each individual track and leaves the day-to-day operation to the track owners. As long as you pay into the system we will allow you place the NASCAR name on your facility.” 

Sure NASCAR does not have the time to have one or two people watch over all the weekly racing series tracks in the country that would be crazy, but when something of this magnitude is brought to your attention with the potential to hurt your name, drive car owners and drivers away from a race track, than yeah I think its time for someone to get involved.

I want to hear from you fans. This is an open and honest page, mind you to keep the language to a TV-14 rating! Do you feel that what Anthony Anders is doing down in South Carolina has corrupted the 2014 points chase, or do you think what he is doing is great with his Win The Title At All Cost mentality? Leave your comment bellow!


  • IF the allegations are true (and some of the details are unconfirmed), you may win a National Championship but when the crowd has gone home and you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, do you see yourself as a winner or a cheater? The controversy also does not sit well with current sponsors for the track AND the racer. The track AND the racer cannot continually fund racing efforts from their own pocket. Eventually (no matter how much money you have) the money will run out. How many local tracks now sit dormant because fans decided to go elsewhere and spend their money?

  • Mark Hunsucker Sr.

    Im not aware of all that’s going on down there and I will say I am a friend of Travis and he hasn’t said anything to me about this but Im involved with a Southern Modified contender so I only see Travis at the tracks we just happen to be at together but to say what I want to say often times when you think you are all that and a box of chocolates that is to say that you tear down(protest) someone who happens to out race you on a given night maybe Mr. Anders is gaining advantages that’s why he thinks the other racer gaining advantages (I don’t use the word ch3@t). Anyways if the promoter, the officials, or the racer are doing anything that would be considered unfair for the competition. Then all that are found to be involved they should be dealt with in the strictest means possible. If these reports are fact of truth then they are a disgrace to our wonderful sport and I challenge NASCAR to spend a dime of time to follow up. This is where your fans originate at the local tracks

  • He is definitely buying the championship. From what he said that took place on the track this past Saturday night doesn’t match what the DVD of the race shows. He’s a cheater, and a liar. I do have a copy of the race and what he said took place on the track…..

  • Once the fans leave, Greenville Pickens will be in trouble. Come to the local dirt track. It’s not “NASCAR” but much better racing!!

  • Racing has always been a wild and crazy sport to watch over the years. But in this case the writing is on the wall as they say. Anders is bringing 6 to 8 cars every week some cars race the entire event and some park that’s normal at most tracks. The most I have seen start and park is seven. But there is the drivers and owners who start and park that not part of his team that should be thinking why what is Andres doing for me. Racing is a sport that money controls 100% either you got money or you don’t for many short track driver it’s the don’t have. Anders has plenty of money and he also has talent he can drive a race cars as good as anyone. He has been at the track for many years so he should be able to beat someone who has never race there. But some of the things I have watched this year have gave me new thinking of how things work at Greenville Pickens. The stopping on the track by a team car is a plan move the driver who is stopping, or maybe a slow spin out can see where the car he’s trying to help. Radio scanner would pick up the info so easy way at Greenville Pickens score board. I have no dog in this fight but I would like to see clean racing without the cheating either by wrong stuff on the car or having help on the track.

    I did many years of racing starting with motorcycles, dirt cars and ten years at Greenville Pickens late model. In 1999 I gave up racing as a driver and owner but never lost the fever. Foot note I was not a front runner more in the middle of the pack driver because back then I had a small budget like many other racers. I never did anything to hurt my name as a driver owner I think people who remember me will say that…

  • All I really need to say is that this is a joke. The Championship….a joke. Anders way of doing it…a joke. GPS promoter…..a joke. This has left a sour taste in the mouths of every true racer. This year, we will have a paper champion….and a joke at that.

  • I dont see the problem. Everyone has used s&p cars to their advantage. Dexter Canipe won the national title all the way back in the mid 90’s and he had 5 cars that came every week with him that started and parked. Everyone points fingers at Anders like he is the bad guy, but name me one driver that wouldnt do the same thing if they had the opportunity. Anders is using the system to his advantage just as Phillip Morris, Keith Rocco, and even Lee Pulliam have done in recent years. I remember the one and only time i went to SoBo speedway i witnessed 10 cars pull off the track in less than 3 laps while Phillip Morris went on to win the race and the national championship.
    The question is do we as fans want to see that kinda racing….and the answer is no. We want to see as many cars going for the win as possible. But seeing 18-26 cars race for the win is just not a reasonable expectation in LMSC racing, trust me i know, i tried my hand in LMSC in 2008. Its expensive and the rewards just arent there unless youre just racing for the love of the sport and enjoy doing it. Most LMSC drivers and teams arent there for that, theyre there for a reason. Anders is racing for a reason, and he is smart enough to use the system. I cant blame him for that.

    • You know it makes me mad to hear jealous people call Anthony a liar!! He isn’t lying and yes he can sleep at night and wake up knowing what he did was right. If you don’t like it don’t go to the track, do you think it will hurt someone like Kevin or Anthony ummmm NO. it won’t. As long as haters keep his name in their mouths he will be famous!!

    • Totally agree!

      • Let me correct my comment.. I totally agree with what Chris Black posted.What does his bank account have to do with his racing ability? Please, so he has a little bit of money that I know for a fact that he works very hard for. You people running a mans name in the ground, calling him a cheat, accusing him of buying the championship and saying he’s a joke are a disgrace, and to bring his financial standing in to the argument is unbelievable. Wheres the actual proof??? Sounds like jealousy to me. I know Anthony & his family quite well. He is a good person that would give the shirt off his back to anyone, he has been very good to my brother & my dad, so with all due respect you people need to shut your mouth and remember that your nasty words affect others meaning his family. Stop acting as if he’s the only one that’s ever had s&p cars on the track Or should I say more than one. If you don’t like watching talent win, then don’t go back! Just saying.

  • That’s what I haven’t went to a race at Greenville Pickens in over two years and its my hometown track .hope something gets done , would love to see someone buy the place the current owner SUCKS !!!

  • Gregory Davenport

    FINALLY glad to see the bs at GPS is getting brought out and shared.
    I was an avid GPS fan for yrs, but upon the changing of ownership of the track due to the death of the late great Tom Blackwell, things have really gotten rotten to the point I very rarely go anymore.
    I have been told by VERY reliable sources on the inside, that track owner & officials let Anders get away with more than just S&P.
    It’s no secret that Anders has plenty of money to fund his racing and a number of other cars (S&P cars), but also they let him run a little larger motor than the rest. If you ever been to GSP and watched the race, you see it does not matter where he starts, he ALWAYS wins EVERY race ! They currently run twin 40 lap races every week and he wins both every week!! I’m not knocking his driving ability, but there are other drivers out there that are just as good a driver, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he’s got something lil extra under the hood.
    It’s also interesting that Anders was originally suppose to be in charge (promoter wise) of GPS this year but for other reasons wasn’t able to full fill that position.
    It’s also been said (rumored) that he contributes $$$ to the weekly or monthly operating cost of GSP.
    I find it appalling that such a great track with the history of GPS, would allow such things to continue.
    I have stopped going because why would I want to pay my money to go see the same driver win every race every week ! I can stay home, save my money and on race night, just know, Anders wins again.
    It was recently brought to my attention, that recently when another driver went to officials and wanted to protest Anders, they were told “No”, basically, your money is no good here!
    I am a HUGE NASCAR fan, and it saddens me that these kind of things are allowed !!! Just saying, dig and ye shall find the truth !!!

  • I am a fan of # 36 and all way will be he is the MAN.

  • It has not been run honest since Tom Blackwell died and Anthony Anders is a joke he couldn’t drive his hand up his a— but he will try to buy a race hook or crook!!!!!

  • I personally don’t know how Anders can hold his head high and call himself a true national champion. I’ve been flowing this controversy and I’m very shocked at what is going on. A true champion will take his talents to different tracks to challenge himself against other drivers. I personally sent Anders an invite to South Boston Speedway on his Facebook page to race against our drivers but really don’t think he has the nerve to show up. Anders and GPS are a joke!!

  • Hopefully the truth will all come out.



  • So they allow S&P’s in Cup, NW and Trucks and its all good. Do it at a short track and its a problem? I mean…little bit of a double standard there. So when Childress brought extra teams to the last race of the season to S&P to make take up an extra spot in the order to guarantee a higher finishing position for DE, that was ok? But this dude pissing away money in the exact same way is a problem? Ehhh, seems like a vindictive argument at best. He found a loophole and is exploiting it. Just like we have seen many times in the past at all levels of racing. Rules shouldve been written better, plain and simple. According to these rules for 2014, hes playing the best game based on the rules set forth. Whats the problem?

  • I have seen GPS lose at lot of fans BC of the owner and BC of the cheating with Anders the owner won’t let no one do nothing to stop it.. I’m in the sport for fun and wins the make NASCAR look like bad

  • Well come on over to Anderson Motor Speedway on August 15th for the “Circle K 125” for the KOMA Unwind Modified Madness series. No fenders, 600 horsepower, fat tires and sparks flying Modifieds.

  • Anders is a good driver but he more crooked than a cheating poker player .. Whitaker needs to sell to someone who knows what they are doing instead of riding around on golf cart , thinkin he knows anything .. NASCAR needs to step up and do something bc people will only keep this going til they do something about it

  • This is a TOTAL JOKE!! How many times has the track looked at his Motor? How many times have they checked his shocks? How many times has another competitor been allowed to protest him?
    I tell you how many. NONE. A big fat 0!
    We won the Championship in 2012. Our motor was looked at by track 3 times. Shocks every other week. Pulled down by other competitors 2 times. Checked our Rearend, Truck Arms, Clutch, Lead etc…
    I do not mind the start and parks. It is the unlevel playing field and refusal to tech anything on his car that is disheartening.
    it is ruining the reputation of the track and everyone who raced there over the years to make it what it once was, a first class, tough short track!
    Names like Pearson, Bishop, Lindley, Morgan, Ward…
    Those are the guys who are being disrespected because people now saying this has always gone on.

  • Don’t say down south because there’s good racing here with a level playing field I’ve never seen such shit before but other wise come on down south we will race u

  • I’m from Greenville, and spent my whole childhood in the pits there. I moved to North Carolina about 10 years ago, but my dad is still there and goes to the track every week. This is what he told me about what is going on down there. “Boy this place has turned into a total circus since the guy that owns the Chevy dealer started running the place. There is every thing from them straight rail cars like you work on, them late model trucks and some cars so old out there they should have been put out to pasture years ago all running late model stock. The 36 wins every week because of pure motor, that car sounds like a Sportsman ( now called a Super)not no Late Model Stock. He starts some where around 10th and if he isn’t going to catch the leader by the end of the race some one just spins all by their self and the 36 knocks them out the way on the restart. That week that boy in the black 5 came down here he was killing the 36 on entry through the center and off the corner, but that big motor made the 36 win. You saw how he drives when you came down here in March with that car you work on, he hit every thing but the pace car in that 50 lap race and was lapped traffic in that 150 lap race. I don’t know how much he is paying the officials for but he ain’t winning because he can drive.” This from the mouth of a man who has been going to GPS since the 70’s and seen a whole lot of racers in his time.

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