The Weekly Racer To Team Up With Race22 For Hampton Heat


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Hampton, Va – Let me ask you a few questions okay, Whats better $1? Yea that’s easy enough, $2 Whats better than one apple, assuming you like apples? Easy answer right, two apples What’s better than having one race car? If you haven’t caught on yet the answer is obvious, two race cars! For ever people have been saying two heads are better than one! Gives you four eyes, four hands, twenty fingers to work with! It’s like how group work was envisioned in college, you split the work load up so each person can focus on a smaller portion and provide better quality work!

This weekend, The Weekly Racer is extremely proud to be partnering up with Mark Rogers (@1goodolboy) & Race22 ( // @race22) to bring our readers and fans some of the best coverage of Langley Speedway’s, and in my personal opinion, one of the top three biggest Late Model Stock Car races in the region this Saturday July 26th, 2014. I myself will have the honor of playing host to Race 22’s Five Star Body Interactive Race Coverage Lobby! If you have never checked something like this out you will not want to miss this! Acting just like a chat room, fans can send in questions, comments, their 2 cents about whats going on at the track. I will provide you with live time scoring, where the action is on the track, as well as a direct line to information handed out from the tower. Absolutely perfect for those who cannot make it to this event, as well as those who are there to interact with other fans!

Mark Rogers will be leading the charge down on pit road, helping to bring you guys as close to the action as humanly possible! I’m not lying either, its like you will be standing in turn four with him as the night goes on, he will be the go to go for machines involved in accidents on the track, getting information on drivers who run into mechanical issues, as well as keeping you updated visually!

I am beyond excited to be asked to help the guys out at Race22 with this event! What better way to bring you the best coverage available than with two guys who, well lets face it, have a small to medium size obsession with Late Model racing! Make sure to stay tuned here on The Weekly Racer site as well as our Facebook & Twitter as well has for all of the times and links. Just a quick tie bit of information, this is a free service to you fans, and there is a mobile version so you can stay updated no matter where you are at on your smart phone.

Check back with us Saturday afternoon for the LIVE link! See everyone this Saturday!

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