Langley Speedway: Thomas Roofing Night at the Races

MattWaltzHampton, VA – (July 12, 2014) Just about every book you pick up will have some kind of prelude. A short little introduction to something bigger. This something bigger would be Langley Speedway’s annual Hampton Heat 200. Twenty Late Model Stock cars filled the inside pits of Langley Speedway this past weekend for twin 75 lap features. The last weekend for teams to do their homework, we even saw teams come from out of town to try their might! Of course your local drivers Matt Waltz, Greg Edwards, Casey Wyatt were ready to mix things up with the likes of Peyton Sellers, Matt Bowling, and Garrett Campbell!

Time trials were the first order of business for these guys as this would determine the starting line up for race number one! Matt Waltz made his statement early to the field with a time of 15.930 (89.266) with another Langley Speedway regular to his outside, Greg Edwards with a best lap of 15.994! Matt Bowling, a regular at South Boston Speedway out of the Sellers stable, put his machine in the third starting spot. Nick Smith & Garrett Campbell completing your ComeServe/Verizon Wireless Late Model Stock starting five.

As the green flag waved for the first race Waltz and Edwards dove into turn one, side by side and remained that way down the back stretch with Edwards holding a slight advantage on the high side! For all the talk recently over social media that “Langley Speedway is a single groove tack” was put to bed rather quickly! Edwards not only held his on on the outside but made the pass for the lead coming out of four and would be credited for leading lap one. “Quick” Nick Smith and Matt Bowling immediately went to work on each other with Brenden Queen hanging right there in the cat bird seat. Now, something happened with Smith’s machine that I did not see because it looked like he put the thing in reverse. Lucky for Smith we had an early caution which allowed him to bring his machine to the attention of his crew.

Once the field got back to green flag racing I didn’t know where to watch! Matt Bowling & Brenden Queen ran door to door for a few laps, Connor Hall held his own in the sixth position doing a great job holding off the likes Sellers, Wyatt and Wertz. Tyler Ankrum, a new face to Langley Speedway was holding his own, battling Danny Edwards, Jr & Duane Shreeves for a top ten spot! There really wasn’t a dull moment on the track this green flag session, with young guns Brenden Queen & Connor Hall mixing things up eventually!

Wasn’t until lap 46 that Waltz decided to push the issue a little harder and pulled his machine even with Edward. Something we have seen quite often this year here at Langley Speedway. The two spent a little more than ten laps side by side, Waltz to the inside Edwards to his right! The move of the race however was when Waltz decided the low line around this place was not going to work so what does he do? Take his Waltz Engineering machine to the high, pulled a little move from the basketball court and set Greg Edwards with a good ole pick and roll! Waltz and Edwards actually went three wide a bit, it was just enough though for Waltz to take the lead and eventually the win!

Race number two was ready to roll that evening with Waltz starting on the pole yet again by the virtue of the first race. What happened next I would say was a little but of a statement. As the leader you get to decide where you start, Waltz took the high side! Seemed to work for him when he took the lead, why not try it now!

Looked to be a good move because Waltz cleared the field halfway down the back stretch, Edwards trying his hardest to keep the Waltz Engineering machine in his sights, the two checked out. Almost immediately behind them Campbell, Queen, Hall & Bowling all started battling for position.

As the laps ticked down Edwards kept peaking his nose to the inside of Waltz just didn’t quite have enough to make a clean pass. Edwards certainly didn’t want a repeat of spinning out while making the pass for the lead.

This second race was a bit more calm in my opinion! For the most part the top five remained the same while the racing went in behind them. Rookie young gun Connor Hall had a pretty good night running in the top ten all night going head to head with Queen, Wyatt and Sellers! Honestly you could blink your eye and positions six through ten could all be mixed up!

When all was said and done Matt Waltz would pilot his machine back to victory lane, not only collecting wins number seven and eight in the season but finally being the first driver this season (in the Late Model division) to win both twin races this season!

Edwards still holds a slight advantage in the points standings, three points to be exact! Both drivers will look towards the Hampton Heat to either take over the track points or extend their lead. They will also look to help their case in the national points standing with rumors floating around that 30+ teams will make the journey to Langley Speedway.

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