Langley Speedway LIVE: Thomas Roofing Night at the Races

Good evening race fans! Just a quick little post for those who follow the website on a regular basis as well as those subscribed to the email blast! We are LIVE at Langley Speedway this evening for the Thomas Roofing Night at the Races, with 245 laps of action packed racing! There are just about 20 Late Model Stock Cars here this evening, as some guys using this evening as a way to get ready for the Hampton Heat 200 in two weeks.

Big names like Peyton Sellers, Matt Bowling, Matt Waltz, Greg Edwards, Garrett Cambell are here. If you are in the area there is still plenty of time to head down to the speedway. Tickets are super cheap, and there is going to be some great racing as Matt Waltz looks to add win number seven on the season. Greg Edwards looks to redeem himself, or if thats what you want to call it from a lack luster past two races.

Make sure you head on over to Twitter, search for @theweeklyracer… or click this nifty little link that we have provided for you! We will be providing you with lap by lap coverage from this evening actions.

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