Pulliam Victorious Again In 200 Laps At South Boston


Photo from Lee PulliamFacebook

South Boston, VA – A colleague of mine said it best this evening, “What better way to celebrate this great nations independence than with some Late Model racing!” That is what was on tap last weekend as we strolled into South Boston Speedway just as first practice got underway. Talk around the social media portals was this race was going to get washed out, no point in going, Arthur looks to ruin this weekend. Though that third comment may in fact come true, he did not mess with our races too much Thursday evening.

I would like to just take a second personally thank my father! He offered up his ride this weekend if no one else was planning to go with us, so with a three-hour road trip into a 70% chance of thunder storms I left it completely up to him if we would make the trip. He calls me up Wednesday night, tells me he’s stuck in Richmond for work, immediately my mind freaks out. He proceeds to tell me he won’t be back till around 10 am, so we wouldn’t be able to leave till 11 or so. Big sigh of relief, I informed him of the forecast then hit the Freddy Mercury pose when his reply was, “Well, least it will be a nice drive in the Honda!”

On our modified schedule we hit the road just a tad bit after 11 AM EDT for the long but easy trip out west. Forecast models were looking a bit better for race day as the percentages went down, but the threat of rain was still there. We hadn’t talked about the “what if” of a rain out, I wanted this race to happen. Not just for my personal gain of finally experiencing this race but the fun and excitement of working to help you all visualize the action!

For a brief moment I thought we were going to run into some problems as the sky’s took a turn for the worst. Huge rain drops started pelting the racing surfaces as thunder and lightning moved into the area. Originally, plans were set for qualifying to get underway around 4:30 but Mother Nature decided to put us in a hold pattern for little over an hour. Luckily for us the system moved out just as quickly as it moved in. Due hot temps throughout the day track officials recovered the racing surface rather quickly and had us set for time trials to start at 5:30 PM,


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