K&N Pro Series East Rolls Through Hampton, Virginia

Nick Drake_EditHamptonVa (June 212014) – Well the one thing no one wants to see on race day is rain and let me tell you what I am starting to feel I have bad sports juju this year when it comes to that stuff. We have had countless softball games cancelled, a few touring races cancelled, a fair share of our local oval drag racing events (Wacky Wednesday’s at Langley Speedway), as well as a few nights at my local short track. I have lived in this region for quite some time now so I know rain is going to be something we are constantly fighting, lucky for us this past Saturday was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Waking up at 7am because you have to be at your normal job by 8am on race day is bad enough, but waking up to a steady pace of rain makes things even worse! Every race day is an exciting one for me, it is a time for me to get away from my day job, head to the track and believe it or not relax! Over the weekend we had a special visit from the NASCAR boys to my little hometown of Hampton, Virginia. On deck, the K&N Pro Series East ladies and gentleman!



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