2013 LMSC National Runner-up Joins the Ranks of The Driver Series


Raleigh, North Carolina native Deac McCaskill was the most recent driver to join the star-studded cast of The Driver Series over the weekend. McCaskill who races primarily in North Carolina has been on a tear recently at NASCARS newest sanctioned track East Carolina Motor Speedway. Last years National points runner-up is currently sitting second in points at East Carolina (mainly due to missing a few races here lately), ninth in points at Southern National,  30th & 48th at Motor Mile and South Boston respectively.

When we asked McCaskill during a post race interview about wanting to focus on National points this year he told us that he is just going to focus on running and winning races, if at some point they have a real shot then they will take it from there. As of June 15th McCaskill sits 41 in National standings with 16 starts, 5 wins (remember a few times McCaskill took the hit in the tech shed and his victory taken away).

Make sure you follow the link –> #08 Deac McCaskill to get a chance to learn more of what this driver is all about! I want to take a minute to personally thank Deac for allowing me in and asking these questions and sharing them with our fans! Hopefully everyone enjoyed the interview!

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