Cole Timm Captures First PASS South Super Late Model Win!

IMG_3501South Boston, Virginia – (June 7, 2014) It was a beautiful Saturday for short track racing all over the eastern region, no rain in the forecast, plenty of sunshine and a nice breeze to boot! South Boston Speedway played home to the PASS South Super Late Model series over the weekend and we were there to check more events off our list. Until this past weekend I have never been to South Boston, every year I tried to plan on going for their big 200 lap race in July but something would always come up.

This year was a different story I am in a little bit better position to travel to these tracks and experience new racing. This is exactly what was in store for the crew here at The Weekly Racer, and when I say crew I mean my father! Who I might add has been extremely helpful on these trips helping me carry equipment, an extra set of eyes, and more than willing to take notes for me!

Not only was this both of our first experience with South Boston Speedway but also with the Super Late Model’s! Before this weekend the closest that I have been to this track was the few races I have competed in on iRacing! I was very impressed with the complex in a whole. The drive to the speedway, though pretty long for us, was easy an easy one! It’s a straight shot down 58 and a right hand turn onto James D Hagood Hwy and boom the track is on the right!

A 4/10 mile short track that has in my opinion an incredible mix of old school and new school appeal! I will go out on the line and say this track is one resurface away from being one of if not the premier track in the state of Virginia! I loved the appeal of the wooden bleachers and the named grandstands, it adds to the allure and the history of the sport. The staff was very welcoming and helpful, a staff member was constantly bringing up to date lap time information to us. I want to personally thank the staff for allowing us to come into their facility and cover the event. We will certainly be back to cover more events in the future!




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