“Maddy” Mulligan Takes Her Career To A Whole New Level

MaddyStory_KBMadyson Ryan Mulligan, better known as “Maddy” by her friends and now competitors, is a rising Sophomore at Great Bridge High School out in Chesapeake. She is your typical teenage girl, wakes up and goes to school Monday through Friday, completes her homework, manages time with her friends, a member of the cheerleading squad, oh yeah and she drives a race car at Langley Speedway on select weekends! Maddy is one of two ladies who run in the Pro Six division out at Langley, these cars are six cylinder full body race cars running on slick tires.

At the ripe ole age of 15, Madyson made the jump into a Pro Six this year which has been proven to be a little bit of a challenge for this young lady. Now before we start jumping down my throat and calling me rude for making an observation lets back track a bit and learn where Maddy came from and what she is all about! “I started racing when I was twelve years old in a Bandolero car,” explained Maddy. For some of those who may have never seen these machines I suggest you make a trip out to Langley Speedway to check them out! Essentially they are full body rear engine go-karts, drivers are strapped in much like the Late Model guys, and run on treaded tires. They run the full Langley Speedway course with a top speed of somewhere in the 50 mph range, please feel free to leave a comment if you know the exact speed.

Story_TrophyGoing into 2013 I remember Maddy being quite the dominate force in these cool little bandolero cars. So dominant in fact she wrapped up the track championship! What impressed me is she did not stop there, she was also crowned the Virginia State Bandolero Champion! Just proof to those out there who speculate woman can drive race cars. I make it a point to ask all my lady intervee’s what they think is the most difficult thing about woman in racing and here is what Maddy had to say; “Peoples comments sometimes are hurtful. Some guys think that because I’m a female I’m not strong enough or that they know more. Which is not true.”

Yea, not true in the least bit! I believe there is just enough room in this sport for female drivers than most traditionalist will like to give credit for! You don’t have to believe me, but ask to take a trip to see Maddy’s trophy room, make sure you pay close attention to the track and state trophies!

Maddy credits her father for getting her into the racing community! “My dad raced trucks and late models at Langley when he was younger,” Maddy tells us. “He is the one who got me started in my racing career!”  A career that is still young with plenty of time to be molded! Maddy made on of the larger leaps this year in divisions which shows me she is always ready for a challenge and will never give up! “I actually really look up to Bethany Hamilton,” Maddy told me. “All of the challenges she’s overcome and she still compete in surfing competitions and does what she loves!”

“I’ve had a really rough start in my rookie season so far,” Maddy told us while wrapping up our interview. “It’s a big step and completely different from a Bandolero but I’m not giving up!” Maddy is working incredibly hard to get the feel of the new car and work her way into victory lane!

Maddy will have this week and next week off to reflect, run some practice sessions before she is back in action June 21st, along with the K&N Series. Head on over and read the rest of our pretty cool interview all you have to do is follow this link –> #07 Maddy Mulligan


Photo Courtesy of Paul Heath


  • Shannon Ashworth

    I am the Proud Momma of Maddy Ryan. She is such a blessing to have as a daughter. She is such an inspiration on and off the track. She has a heart of gold and never gives up. We thank you for this story and we look forward to you following her career. This is just the beginning of the dreams. Feel free to follow her journey.
    Follow her on FB @ Maddy Ryan Racing
    Instagram @maddyryanracing
    Twitter @MaddyRyanM

  • Hi there… My names ashley, I race in a mini stock class and I always see maddy’s posts… And I would just like to say thank you maddy. You are an inspiration.:)

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