Lady Punches Burt Myers! This Is Why Hometown Short Track Racing Is The Best

BowmanGreyScreenCapOkay so there has been plenty of time now for everyone to see the video of what happened last weekend down at Bowman Gray Stadium in the 100 lap Mod race right? If not just look a little bit farther down and we will have the video!

What happens next was rather quite comical to me and just goes to prove why southern short track racing is some of the best money you will spend for entertainment, hands down, I give you my word!

Bowman Gray Stadium is well… just that a football stadium with your typical quarter-mile asphalt track surrounding it. However, what is not typical about this track is the fact that it is not the home to the 100M dash or the 400M Relay race. No, this track host purpose-built race cars and is a fully sanctioned NASCAR Whelen All-American Series track! Located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Bowmen Gray should be a poster child for why race fans should support their local short tracks, as a matter of fact it’s not even just race fans, all locals should support their local race tracks.

I will say it is very difficult to even attempt to mention Bowman Gray without first thinking of the Myers family. This is like bread & butter, waffles & syrup, the two names go hand in hand! Burt & Jason Myers, now third generation Myers to run at this historic track have been in the news lately shaking things up in the good ole’ Dirty South! If you haven’t had a chance yet to see the closing laps of last weeks Camping World 100 Modified race you will have your chance in the video below. Here is what I see, and please by all means if you feel something different leave it in the comments bellow! I will allow pretty much any post as long as there is NO; Cursing, Racial Slurs, Threats, Spam, or anything else I deem to be detrimental to this conversation!

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

If you want to skip to where the real action happens just skip to 40 seconds into the video. Here is what I saw, Burt Myers (1) & Junior Miller (69) going down the back stretch with just one lap to go, Myers car doesn’t look bad coming off two so of course he is going to try to make a move going into three. I am by no means a driver, with the exception of iRacing, but as the leader you have to expect something is coming on the final lap, one last attempt from the other guy, that one move someone always holds onto! Well in short track racing that moves happens to be the bump and run! A perfectly executed bump and run will cause the guy in front to get a little loose, just enough to where he has the back the car down a tad and ends up washing up the track, leaving just enough space for the other guy to get by!

This is what I witnessed at about 46 seconds into this clip! If you watch the Myers after the contact was made and Miller’s car whipped around you see him check way up and gets plowed in the rear himself, its pretty clear that after that he had to go because the rest of the field was coming as well as wrecking. Myers would be declared the winner and what happened afterwards well… the race fan in me wants to say it was great, a little bit funny and pretty damn entertaining especially if you were at the track. However, the media side of me wants to say it was a little bit embarrassing for the character of Junior Miller! Oh by the way, don’t forget these two have had a history together, both were put on probation back in 2009 by NASCAR for what happened in the ’08 season final at Bowman Grey.

Now here is where it gets real interesting! I can somewhat stand up and applaud this woman because it goes to show the love this fan, mother, or wife has for this sport! Not to mention having the balls to just walk right up to the man and gut punch the man after Myers & Miller just played a game of 300 HP Ring Around the Rosy with a very heavy police presence! It wasn’t just some little punch either, pay attention and look at the effort she puts into this hook! She wasn’t done there either has she slaps at the older lady who did look as if she was “in her face,” after being pushed away by the cops towards the end someone points that finger and all I could think of going through her mind; “Oh you want some too!”


To wrap things up I know we have to be careful spreading violence around in the media, I will say before I typed this story it could look like I am condoning fighting at the track, and the actions of Junior Miller. Which by the way let me take a second and say in no way support what the 69 car did after the checkered flag waved! I witnessed that one time at Langley Speedway where the driver plowed into a stopped car at full speed! Miller’s actions that night were juvenile and they were reckless, there were people walking in the infield he could have hurt, he almost ran into the pace car! On the flip side this shows you the passion these men have for this sport, their cars, their teams!

Bowman Gray will return to action this weekend June 7th with 50 laps for the Stadium Stock, Twin-25 Modified races, Sportsmen, Street Stocks will also be racing, along with a Chain race! Gates open at 6:00 PM, Racing will begin at 8:00 PM. Adults are just $12, Children (ages 6-11): $2, Children (under 6): FREE, plenty of FREE parking. So if you’re in the area make sure you pack the car up, grab the kids and enjoy what will probably be the cheapest not to mention the best entertainment on a Saturday night, Tell them The Weekly Racer sent you!

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