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Amanda Frye Looks to Show the Boys What Racing Is All About

ArticlePICAmanda Frye is not the kind of girl who sits in the stands and freaks out when “her man” gets into a wreck on the track, she doesn’t even root for “her man” when they are on the track. That is because this girl is the one out on the track, the one behind the wheel, chasing down the boys and trying to make a name for her self. I actually meet Amanda quite a few years back when I worked at an indoor go karting place called American Indoor Karting. She was one of the few juniors that would come in and we wouldn’t really have to worry about her leaving scuff marks on the wall, or jumping over tire barriers. Most kids her age were there for birthday parties and for fun, she was there to race!
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‘LaFawnduh’ All Dolled Up Ready For A Night Out On The Town


Photo Courtesy of Mason Dunn – Instagram: MASOND51

Poquoson, VA – She’s been stripped down, torn apart, every inch of her frame inspected, curves of her body smoothed out, brand new outfit! Today is the day all that hard work over the short off season – in retrospect to all of the other professional sports– finally pays off. Greg Edwards has worked hard over the past few months to get ‘LaFawnduh’ back in tip top shape and ready to lay some rubber at Langley Speedway this season.

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No Such Thing As To Much Racing.


Robersonville, NC – Is there a such thing as to much racing?

Of course that is a rhetorical question! There is no such thing as to much racing! Fortunately for those fans in the NASCAR Weekly Racing community it’s that time of year that we have all been waiting for. Local short tracks all over the region have pretty much been in full swing for the past few weeks now, which means its time for the staff here at The Weekly Racer to step things up!

This weekend will be the first of hopefully many more double-header weekends of NASCAR short track racing. This evening I have the incredible honor to be in the fine hands of the staff of East Carolina Motor Speedway down here in Robersonville, North Carolina. The sun is shining, light overcast and a nice breeze to top things off. Read more

Langley Speedway to Kick 2014 Season Off April 5th

LS-Opening-2014Most people would agree that a reporter or a journalist should not show any bias towards a story or an event they are covering. Well guys good thing I am not your average reporter or journalist! Langley Speedway has been my home away from home for over 10 years now. I remember when my father took me to my first race back in 2003, needless to say it was love at first sight for me!

Well everyone, it is that time of year again when the car covers come off, the rumble of engines and the sweet smell of cam2 floating through the air! Langley is set to drop the green flag on its 64th season  come Saturday April 5th and I know I can’t be the only one excited to get this season of racing in Hampton Roads “officially” underway. Read more

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