No Such Thing As To Much Racing.


Robersonville, NC – Is there a such thing as to much racing?

Of course that is a rhetorical question! There is no such thing as to much racing! Fortunately for those fans in the NASCAR Weekly Racing community it’s that time of year that we have all been waiting for. Local short tracks all over the region have pretty much been in full swing for the past few weeks now, which means its time for the staff here at The Weekly Racer to step things up!

This weekend will be the first of hopefully many more double-header weekends of NASCAR short track racing. This evening I have the incredible honor to be in the fine hands of the staff of East Carolina Motor Speedway down here in Robersonville, North Carolina. The sun is shining, light overcast and a nice breeze to top things off.

Tonight marks race number two on East Carolina’s summer long schedule, coincidentally enough tonight is race number two in our Touring Series calendar, click the link to find out what other special events we will be going to this year! As cars still pile into this high bank tri-oval here is what should be on the agenda for the evening (laps are subject to change due to car counts);

  • UCAR – 20 Laps
  • Mini Stock – 25 Laps
  • LLM – 50 Laps
  • LMSC – 100 Laps
  • Street Stocks – 20 Laps

LIVE updates of tonights event can be found on Twitter @theweeklyracer, in addition I will try to share some photos with everyone on our Facebook Page. If you have not been over there to Like or Follow us yet do me a favor, click the links and let us know what your plans are this weekend to go racing!

As cars continue to fill the infield some names to watch out for tonight, opening night winner Deac McCaskill has returned this weekend as Southern National has the weekend off! Look for Deac to be even stronger tonight as he at least has some laps around this track. Also returning this week is long time Langley Speedway driver Jeff Shiflett in his 01 machine, sporting a very nice looking new enclosed trailer. Hope to see Shiflett pull double duty and head down to Langley Speedway for tomorrow nights opener. A new car this weekend is the white 44 of Dillon Bassett, brother to the 2013 Southern National All-Star Classic winner Ronnie Bassett, Jr. Bassett looks to shake down the car as he was having engine problems last night testing for South Boston’s twin 75’s tomorrow evening.


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