The Denny Hamlin Showdown: Back to It’s Roots

The Denny Hamlin Showdown: Back to It’s Roots
By: Matt May

In a little over a month from now, the Denny Hamlin Showdown will take place at South Boston Speedway. The Showdown is a great charity event for NASCAR. But this is the year that they are finally getting it right…returning back to a local NASCAR Hometracks. I remember my trip out to Richmond International Raceway for last year’s showdown. I bought pit passes for the afternoon practice and qualifying sessions before the race. It was so cool to see big time NASCAR national touring series drivers like Kyle Busch, Tony Stewart, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Darrell Wallace Jr. just to name a few. Then there were the weekly racing series drivers out there as well such as Greg Edwards and C.E. Falk, both from Langley Speedway. It was awesome seeing these drivers interacting with each other. I remember walking through the pits and seeing everyone working on their cars. When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. Even Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart were working to get their setups just right. I just remember thinking that this is what it’s all about and getting back to the roots of the sports. These guys were out there giving it their all and having a lot of fun. Having said all that, the Denny Hamlin Showdown at RIR still didn’t “feel” right. If I wanted to see a race where Sprint Cup drivers were racing against young and upcoming drivers on tracks on the NASCAR schedule, then I would watch a Nationwide Series race. I want to watch a race that was something different. I am so excited to see big-time drivers racing at local NASCAR Hometracks. It is going to be a great event and I can only hope that this leads the Denny Hamlin Showdown to other NASCAR Weekly Racing Series tracks around the state of Virginia during the Richmond race weekend, such as Langley Speedway. I am hopeful that I can make it out to this year’s event.


The 2014 Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown list of invitees include NWAAS National Champion, runner ups, Virginia track champions, top five in NWAAS Virginia points and more as 47 drivers got the special invite. If any of these drivers do not accept then an invitation will be sent to drivers on a reserve list set up by the Denny Hamlin Foundation. This years even will be run Thursday April 24th. For more information please visit South Boston Speedway on the web.

National Champion
Lee Pulliam

Top Finishers in NWAAS National Championship Points
1. Deac McCaskill (2nd)
2. Keith Rocco (3rd)
3. Ryan Preece (4th)
4. Craig Von Dohren (5th)
5. Duane Howard (6th)

Top 5 State/Canadian Provincial Champions
1. C. E. Falk, III
2. Tommy Lemons, Jr.
3. Woody Pitkat
4. Jeff Strunk
5. Chad Finchum

Virginia Track Champions
1. Austin Thaxton (2nd)
2. Peyton Sellers (2nd)
3. Nick Smith (2nd)

Top 5 Finishers in NWAAS Virginia State Points
1. Matt Bowling
2. Matt Waltz
3. Greg Edwards
4. Bobby McCarty
5. Casey Wyatt

Past NWAAS National Champion
Phillip Morris

Top 5 Late Model Finishers in 2013 Denny Hamlin Event
1. Ronnie Bassett, Jr. (4th)
2. David Garbo (6th)
3. Dillon Bassett (7th)
4. Anderson Bowen (8th)
5. Gray Gaulding (12th)

Top 5 Finishers in the 2013 “Virginia is for Racing Lovers” Event
1. Dennis Setzer (3rd)
2. Blake Stallings (4th)
3. Ryan Stiltner (5th)
4. Wayne Ramsey (6th)
5. Brenden Queen (7th)

DHF Invitees
1. Bruce Anderson
2. Dustin Storm
3. Ronald Hill
4. Josh Oakley
5. Doug Godsey
6. Eddie Johnson
7. Jeremy Burns
8. David Polenz
9. Kaz Grala
10. Frank Deiny, Jr
11. Greg Fernandez
12. Brad Eddy
13. Brian Pembelton
14. Bugs Hairfield
15. Dude Gibbs
16. Mark Wertz
17. Scott Turlington

Alternate Invitees
George Brunhozel, III
Lin O’Neil
Myatt Snider
Peyton Ryan
Quin Houff
Steven Berry
Trey Hutchens
Rusty Skews
Alex Yontz
Austin Hill
Josh Berry
Matt McCall
Shayne Lockhart
Dennis Holdren

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