Collin Brown Looking For More Seat Time in 2014

CB6Newport News, VA – From Late Model Stock Car to the Legends division, all drivers are welcomed with open arms to the office of The Weekly Racer! This week we feature a driver who impressed me with his S.M.A.R.T Goals. This my friends the one things that stuck with me through college  and to see this man applying such knowledge towards his racing career was great to see. For those who may not know, a SMART goal is something thought out, planned, something you can measure and accomplish in a timely manner, of course some people have different definitions for the term. Let me take a moment to introduce you to this weeks driver coming to us from Yorktown, Virginia, Mr. Collin Brown.

Collin is a junior at Peninsula Catholic High School, who unlike other athletes that stay behind to hit the diamond or the gridiron, Collin hits the black top. No, not that kind of black top, though Collin did tell me he spent all of middle school and up to his sophomore year in high school crossin’ up his friends. Sorry that was my horrible try at sports humor.

Two years ago Collin traded the black top of a basketball court for the black top of a racetrack. Collin was born into a life that immediately limited him to the kinds of activities he was allowed to compete in, “I was born premature and with Congenital Heart Disease,” Collin shared with me. “As a result of my health I am limited to what sports I can get involved in.  For example, no contact sports, however, that left me with Golf, Basketball, and of course… Racing.  At the early age of 4, I Loved Racing.”

Having planned to run a deeper schedule in 2013, some financial and mechanical issues set the team back only allowing them to compete in six total races (Langley Speedway, Southside Speedway & Shenandoah Speedway), this minor set back however did not deter Collin from his goal… To Race! ”I am focused and determined,” Collin said in describing himself. ”For whatever reason racing just consumes me, that is all I think and dream of doing is something in the racing industry.”

Collin’s plans coming into 2014 are simple and to the point, seat time! Brown will continue to work on his qualifying times with the hope of a few top five finishes thrown in the mix. To help accomplish this goal Collin will likely run at multiple tracks this year. Running for Kevin Yeatts out of Richmond, Virginia; Collin will travel to tracks across the region such as Langley, Southside and Shenandoah to work on gaining that ever so precious seat time.

Collin is currently completing an internship with a K&N Pro Series East while working on applying for colleges, getting his degree and moving to Carolina to work within the NASCAR industry. To learn more about Collin Brown make sure you head over to his Driver Series page to check out our interview. Interested in jumping on board to help Collin with his goals this season, the team is always looking for sponsorship help. You can connect with Collin on his Facebook page or Twitter page

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