Brenden “Butterbean” Queen Ready To Hit The Asphalt.

2Chesapeake, VA — For the second week in a row we have featured a young driver who is working towards their dream of one day racing in the big leagues of motor sports! Brenden Queen aka “Butterbean” is a junior in high school who will be returning to Langley Speedway this year for his sophomore season in the Late Model Stock Car division. Brenden ended up finishing 8th in points, only 123 points back from track champion C. E. Falk. Queen’s 2013 top 10 finish which also helped him earn Rookie of the Year honors. “It felt so great to accomplish our main goal, Brenden told me about winning Rookie of the Year. ”Running up front was just a plus to everything we could have asked for.”

Though Queen is coming off his rookie season in LMSC, Brenden has been racing since he was seven years old. Going 3 for 3 with back-to-back-to-back championships, and collecting 31 wins running karts on dirt! At such a young age it pretty much seemed like Brenden was supposed to be behind the wheel. Things did not stop there of course, next for Brenden was Arena Racing. For those who may not know what that is, these are for the lack of a longer description go-karts with suspension and a fiberglass body running on a tiny, high banked aluminum track inside an indoor stadium!


”I then drove for EF Motorsports [arena car].” Queen telling me the progress of his racing career. ”[I] ended up with a win and third in the points also taking rookie of the year. Brenden decided it was time to take to something new making his move into the Legends division. That year Brenden does what seems to be what he does best, grabbed another ROTY title by finishing the season second in points with five wins. ”The next year [I] won five races at Southside and the track championship and finished third in points at Langley Speedway. That is when Brenden decided to make the jump to Late Model’s winning yet another Rookie of the Year title as well as finishing P7 at Martinsville Speedway!

I asked Brenden to think back from the moment he sat behind the wheel of a race car. I wanted him to think about something that jumped off the page to him, a race that will stick with him forever. “I won a legends race on my dad’s birthday, Brenden says. ”It meant a lot to him, that and it was Friday the 13!” Brenden also told me that running the Hampton Heat was something that stuck out to him, ”racing with big names like Timothy Peters and beating him.”


Before we ended the interview I wanted to know two things, 1) where did the names for his cars come from (Gumby & Snakebite) and 2) how in the world did he get the nickname Butterbean. “My personal late model was already named Gumby, Brenden told me. ”The other car I drive is called snakebite because it always comes from out of nowhere to attack.” I also got off topic for a little bit so I was glad Brenden felt okay answering this question, but all last year watching the races and following him on twitter I thought to myself; where in the world did his nickname come from. After our interview was all but finished I shot him a message asking, and come to find out its been around for a while. ”I got the nickname when I was a baby, explains Brenden. ”I was fat and chubby with blonde hair and I looked like the wrestler butter bean.”

‘Butterbean’ is setting out this year working hard for the Youth National Championship! Though his season has not started just yet at his home track, Queen has competed at nearby tracks like Southern National Motorsports Park (14th & 6th place finishes) and South Boston (14th & 6th place finishes after blowing a motor and starting in the back). He told me he wants to get his name out there for any potential sponsors and ultimately get picked up for a K&N ride.

For anyone interested in sponsoring this young talent he has told me the best way to get in touch with him his via his Facebook as well has his Twitter page. For the rest of the interview be sure to click this link and share with your friends.

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