Brandon Atkinson Excited to Get Back Behind The Wheel


Mechanicsville, VA :: After taking the 2013 season off to market himself and his race team, local driver Brandon Atkinson is more than ready to suit up and get back behind the wheel of the #15 machine. I had some time to sit down and talk to this young man about his racing career and plans for the 2014 season and after chatting with Brandon you would think you were talking to a Nascar driver who has been in the business for a while. He was very receptive and willing to answer questions and I honestly feel as if he had a great time. Head over to his interview in the Driver Series page to get to know this young man on a more personal level.

I asked Brandon the one question I make sure to ask all of my drivers “How did you get into racing?” The answer I received was not one I was expecting.

”I started racing when I was 4 years old, racing flat track motorcycles, Atkinson said. ”No one in my family [had] ever raced, I was just interested in it, and my family supported me the whole way. Racing on both dirt and asphalt Brandon traveled from Florida to New York, even out to Illinois for some of his races. I had to know being so young what it was like heading full speed into turn one on two wheels knowing the back tire is going to kick out, ”I loved racing the motorcycles,” Atkinson explained. “I raced from 4 to 8 and won two track championships and a national championship in Springfield, Illinois when I was 6 years old. I had to stop racing because of the danger, I had three friends of mine pass away racing so I moved to something safer and that’s when I got in a stock car.”

From there Brandon never looked back! Racing street stocks at a little dirt track now known as Virginia Motor Speedway when he was only 11 years old, before moving to Charlotte, NC and racing at East Lincoln until the age of 13 winning multiple heat races and features. Brandon then moved to dirt late models at the ripe old age of 14, that same year is when he won his first race. It didn’t take long for Brandon to make his way over to the asphalt side of racing, starting in a late-model at Hickory Motor Speedway when he was 15 years old. “I started racing asphalt late models at Hickory Motor Speedway when I was 15 years old. Out of ten starts I had 3 wins and 2 poles. I took 2013 off to work on my marketing and will be running for the championship in the Late Model division at Langley Speedway.”

Coming to a track like Langley Speedway where big names like C.E. Faulk, Greg Edwards, Nick Smith and Matt Waltz to name a few I had to ask Brandon what he thought will be the hardest part of racing this year full-time at Langley Speedway.

“Well the only thing that I am worried about this year is the competition, Brandon shared with me. “It isn’t anything I’m not use to, but with Greg Edwards and Nick Smith and everyone else, we are going to have to be on point to win races and ultimately the championship. Brandon is very confident in both his crew and crew chief David Mercer, telling me he believes he is the best in the business so he is confident he will have the car to win races at the very competitive Langley Speedway. ”David and I have been working together since I was 15, I couldn’t have accomplished anything without him there, our relationship is great, he is like family to me!”

With open practices starting soon here at Hampton’s premier short track, Brandon has told me he cannot wait to start testing at the 4/10 mi flat track! Brandon is currently funded and supported 100% by his family, he told me sponsors are more than welcome to come on board for the 2014 season. One way to reach Brandon is through is teams Facebook page, Brandon Atkinson Racing, make sure to head on over and hit the Like button to stay up to date on his progress throughout the season. Tell him you’re interested in sponsoring his ride and let him know The Weekly Racer sent ya! If you had a chance to see this mans trophy case I would hop on this opportunity quick.

I want to thank Brandon again for taking some time out of his day to share his story with me, hope everyone enjoyed it, now click the link to check out his featured interview this week!

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