Landon Abbott joins the gang.

AbbottPostNewport News, VA :: Well everyone, welcome back to The Weekly Racer. If you haven’t seen or heard the news yet, we have bought the rights to the domain for the site. That way it will look a bit more normal during the season, thanks to Douglas Aquatics! Also like to take a second to all of those who have helped me get to where I am, we are still on the up and coming and let me tell you, the ride as been fun so far.

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Now enough about that for now let’s get to this weeks guest of honor, Mr. Landon Abbott! Landon joins us here at The Weekly Racer just in time to see us graduate to the semi-pros of website development! Now, Landon and I have talked quite a bit this past week about this interview, the questions were fun, learning the history behind his racing career was fun, figuring out we actually have a lot of similar likes and hobbies was like the icing on the cake. In fact, I have invited Landon, in his free time, if there is something on his mind in the racing community to share it with us. Something else to look forward to this season guys, stories straight from a drivers mouth… well in this particular case right from his finger tips.

We talked about how Landon got his start in racing.

“I got my start in racing when I strapped into my UCAR at the end of the 2010 season at Langley. Like any of us racing enthusiast he had played around with the indoor karting thing, but we all know as fun as that may be, the karts are crap, the track is to tight, and you always have to get that one noob in the race who couldn’t tell you which is the gas and which is the brake pedal. No real organized racing until 2010, “No… Just G-Force karts here in Richmond. Spent many weekends there with buddies, just running laps having a good time, dreaming of being a NASCAR driver.”

Driving full-time in the UCAR division out at Langley Speedway in 2011 and 2012, with an occasional race at South Side and Old Dominion before hoping into a Super Street at the end of 2012. Landon only made two starts in the new division in 2012, just enough to get the feet wet and see what the cars are about. Landon ran a full 2013 season in the #70 Super Street and is currently working on getting the car ready for another exciting year.

I asked Landon to tell me about some of his wins, I believe his answer show his passion for the sport.

“Win less so far, but we have come pretty close and this season could very well be the year we get into victory lane. It’s not from a lack of hard work and effort. Just being in the right place at the right time.” Well Landon there is a first for everything and 2014 may just be your year. You have the staff here pulling for you, specially with an attitude like that. I love how in a sport driven by winning a winless driver can still hold his head up high. You have to make me one promise okay, when you make it to victory lane this year The Weekly Racer gets a post race exclusive?

We finished up our little conversation with talks about the upcoming race season, I asked Landon what was in store for Abbott Motorsports come 2014.

“We are running for the Langley Super Street championship again this season. The team felt they were in a good spot in 2013 when some mechanical issues set the team back about midway through the season. Landon should spend most of his time at Langley this year, “[We’re] Not planning on traveling much, Landon tells me, “the Langley rules kind of keep us bound to that track. Explaining to me the rules of the track make it difficult to race at other facilities without making whole sale changes to the car.

To check out Landon’s Driver series interview click the link bellow! And good luck to Landon and his entire crew!
#70 Landon Abbott – Super Street

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