Help me welcome Douglas Aquatics on board for the year!

ScanHello everyone, I am very excited to welcome Douglas Aquatics on board this year. With that help it will allow me to own the web address as my own. In addition, I will be able to process more things in the ”back office so to say, larger storage space for photos, the ability to post videos directly to the website, this also removes the ads at the end of post’s and pages. I would personally like to thank Rebecca Arnold at Douglas Aquatics for her support this up coming year.

Just a little shout out, Douglas Aquatics is your local one stop shop for all of your pool and hot tub needs. The retail store is located on Industry Dr in Yorktown Virginia, right where Route 17 and George Washington Memorial Highway intersect. They are equipped to handle your residential and commercial pool and spa chemicals, equipment, and repairs. Douglas Aquatics is a certified dealer in Clearwater Spas, visit their show room today and let them show you how Clearwater Spas can benefit your family.

Have a commercial property where handling the every day aspects of a pool is just getting too much for your maintenance staff? Don’t let that be the reason you close up, Douglas Aquatics has the infrastructure to supply lifeguards, regular cleaning, chemical balance and will take the worry away of opening and closing your system. Douglas Aquatics can also handle your construction needs. Give them a call if you would like to talk to someone about installing a pool in your back yard this summer!

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