Some interesting changes coming to The Weekly Racer.

Some good news and additions here at The Weekly Racer!

I am extremely excited to announce that sooner rather than later, the domain name for the website will belong to me! I have gotten a company to throw some sponsorship dollars my way to help with the financials for the year! Tomorrow I am going to take the steps to own the website and make some appearance changes that come with owning the domain name! With those changes it will include a page with all the sponsors information. I feel they might be able to help you out this summer!

Another addition to the website, I have “employed” a full-time editor to help me out with some things. I am not gonna try to use it as a crutch, but sometimes my ADHD gets the best of me! I have a lot of great ideas for articles, stories and other types of posts but sometimes I will see something out the corner of my eye and focus on that and lose my train of thought. Or a song will come on my iTunes, or I will remember I have to run out and get something, or have to talk to a customer at work. When I come back to the story it normally just doesn’t flow right. Plus it’s always nice to have another pair of eyes on your work.

In other news, I believe we are very very close to having a photographer for the blog! That way during race season I can provide you guys with some awesome photos, showcase what she can do with a camera and help get her name out there as a photographer. I will also have a page on the site with some of her info, showcase her photos and provide y’all with some contact info.

Here in the future I will also be working on a staff page to help thank all those people who are helping out with the blog! Then, once I get everything switched over to the new domain, figure a few things out, I will leave a “this is where everything is” type post. That way you can have an understanding on how to navigate the page, where to find stories, older post and all that jazz.

I will also let you know to pay close attention to the posts in the coming weeks. I have had some interesting offers and opportunities this past week to talk with some people that I truly feel you will enjoy.

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