The Weekly Racer Top 10 Races: Touring Series (Pt. 1)

nwaasOkay, so the last two weeks or so I have been working on creating a schedule of the top 5 races I am looking forward to attending this season. Not just as a race fan but in hopes to learn more from a blogging/media standpoint when it comes to racing. I am kind of creating my own internship, learning from trial and error, hoping to run into seasoned veterans and learn from them. So I printed out a few tracks in the Virginia/Carolina area, had to rule out some tracks where travel expenses would be a little to high for my budget and put together a list of races I feel will be great to attend. The problem I was running into was there were to many races were popping of the page.

So here it is folks my top 10 picks for this season, my own little touring division as I like to call it! As long as the budget will allow I will be attending all these races, hoping to share my experience with you all!


10) East Carolina Motor Speedway – April 4, 2014
LMSC / LLM / Street Stock  / Mini Stock  / Ucar

east carolinaEast Carolina Speedway, one of the newest members of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series family, runs on Friday nights in Robersonville North Carolina. I learned about this track a few months ago when news broke about it becoming an official Whelen All-American track. Naturally I had to do my research, and to my excitement found it to be a reasonable drive. Besides the high bank and d-shape oval something else that made the track stand out to me; their program is run on Friday nights!

What does this mean for racing fans, double dipping on the weekends! For those in the south-eastern Virginia area, East Carolina is only about two and half hours from the peninsula. Registration begins at 4pm followed by practice at 6pm with the drop of the green flag around 8pm.

I am excited for this race because its something new and come on who doesn’t like weekend road trips for racing. Hopefully the weather will be good enough to drop the top on the way down. Check out the high banked, 3/8 of a mile D-shape oval with my wife then high-tail it back home for Langley Speedway’s opening night. Over 400 laps of short track racing in just two days, now that sounds like a great weekend to me.

Make sure to check back with a small recap of that nights races and my weekends experience. In the mean time feel free to check out East Carolina Speedways web site ( and Like them on Facebook. Do me one other favor as well, make sure to put them on your schedule this summer!

9) Southern National Motorsport’s Park – March 29, 2014
March Madness 290: LMSC 100 / LLM T-35 / Charger 30 / SS 25 / UCAR 25 / Legends 25 / Bando 15

SNMP LogoSouthern National will officially kick off the season for us here at The Weekly Racer. Just a side note for those interested, SNMP plans to start their season this Saturday March 1st as a day race. More details can be found on their website ( or of course their Facebook page, green flag is set to fly at 2pm guys.

March Madness 290 will be the fourth (March 22nd is a Pro Cup event) race for the season at SNMP, however this will be the first night race of the season. So naturally those in the front office scheduled just about every division to race that night. With this being the first race under the lights for the season naturally all the drivers will be pumped up and ready to put on a great show. This trip will mark the third time coming to this track, I took my father down last April for twin LMSC 100 lap features, we both feel the drive was well worth it.

The track is a pure beauty, I think it has something to do with the high banking and bright yellow walls. The staff is truly great to chat with and very humble to have support of the fans. I know I am new on the scene of the racing media world but you can trust me when I say the races are worth the trip. The trip took my father and I exactly three hours and sixteen minutes to make. Will be looking forward to making this trip with my wife and enjoying what is going to be a great night of racing.

8) South Boston Speedway – April 19, 2014
Charles Anderson Lawn Care Presents Italian Delight Family Restaurant NASCAR Late Model 150 / Limited 50 / Pure Stock 30 / Hornets 15 / Modified 50

soboOkay guys before I go into this one I must ask that you not judge me as a race fan; this date will be another first for me! In the twenty-four years I have lived in Virginia I have yet to make it to South Boston, or SoBo as everyone in the community calls it. I know, I know, your probably thinking how do you call your self a short track racing junkie and never been to SoBo. I have passed this place plenty of times on my way to Martinsville, even on the way to the wife’s grandparents, just never had the time to enjoy the race. The combination of attending classes in the day and working at night was just not favorable.

Well guess what… that is all out of the window now. So I am going to put in for a day off work, pack up my equipment (which will probably be my iPad, mophie charging case, my favorite racing hat and of course my seat cushion) and make the trip out west on route 58. The night is to promise close to 300 laps of racing under the lights. My plan is to not only enjoy my self but see and hope to meet some drivers that I have never had the chance to meet. Again make sure to check back and read how my weekend went, my goal is to also add to the coverage of the race. To share my journey with you guys. For more information please visit for a complete schedule and more news.

7) South Boston Speedway – June 7, 2014
PASS Super Late Model 150 / Limited T 25 / Pure Stock 30

soboSo I debated and debated about moving this particular race higher on the list possibly breaking into the top 5, but with not past experience on the series it was hard for me to compare with the races that made it into the top 5. So this will be my second time in just under a month making an appearance at SoBo, this time to check of another first for my self and The Weekly Racer.

Saturday June 7th is the first of two stops from the PASS Super Late Model touring division. I had to put this series on my list this year because of the hype that I heard from last season. Plus I have never had the chance to experience a super late-model as they have never made an appearance to my hometown track. Maybe this race will help catapult the PASS Super Late Model Series into the top 5 for next year. Certainly excited to see these machines take to the track for the first time at South Boston.

6) East Carolina Motor Speedway – Sept 5, 2014
LMSC / LLM / Street Stock / Mini Stock / Ucar  

east carolinaSo this race will work in conjunction to race number 5 in my touring series. This is the weekend of the second Richmond race of the NASCAR schedule, so naturally most of the weekly racing series tracks close up for that weekend. Of course the idea went through my head to reserve the weekend for my wife and I to get away for the night and watch some good old NASCAR racing. Well guys I think we are going to try to hit up the early race so we can check out two tracks in the Carolinas back-to-back.

With Langley Speedway being closed for the weekend the wife is relieved of duties at the track so we will take to the road for a racing fix. Once we punch out on the time clock we will pack our gear and head down to East Carolina Speedway for some NASCAR Home Track Late Model racing….

Check back later and subscribe in the top right for email updates on new post. The Top 5 races coming soon!!

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