Help Southern National reach 7,000!


Alright guys and gals, I want to get this information out there for you if you didn’t already know. Southern National Motosports Park in Kenley (Lucama – depends on who you talk to), North Carolina kicks their season off this Saturday with a 2:00 pm green flag… that’s 1400 for you military folks out there. They have posted a few trivia questions on their Facebook page, here is a quick and easy link SNMP, go to their page hit the Like button. That way you can be apart of any contest, get updates, see pictures, all that good stuff.

After you have liked the page share it with your friends. Something so simple can be so rewarding. Once they get over 7,000 Likes one lucky fan will win a pretty sweet prize pack, two tickets to any NASCAR Weekly Series race at SNMP, a SNMP t-shirt and a lunch cooler! The drawing will be done randomly so don’t worry about trying to time it to be the 7,000th like! Then do me another favor, put some of their races on your calendar.

Also click the link to check out The Weekly Racers Top 10 schedule so you can see what races I will be covering down there this year. You can also download the flyer of Southern National’s 2014 season on their Facebook page, as well as head over to for any more information.

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