Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300 Victor to join The Driver Series

PostNewport News, Va :: With race season quickly approaching, The Weekly Racer would like to welcome another Whelen All-American driver to the page. I had some time to speak with 2013 Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300 winner Tommy Lemons Jr. Joining the blog all the way from Troy, North Carolina, Tommy Lemons Jr is just about as home-grown as they come. He is acting VP of the family business Lemons Backhoe & Loader, and VP of Lemons Motorsports. Tommy got his start in racing in the World Karting Association (WKA) back in 1999. Earning over 100 wins before moving into a Late model in 2004. Earning his first ever victory in a late-model stock car as a rookie. Tommy took that victory and never looked back. Since then he has collected a total of 25 career late-model victories, looking to add plenty more in 2014. I first got to meet Tommy last April on my first trip down to Southern National Motorsports Park (SNMP). First time seeing a weekly racing track with so much banking (I know, I know due to my class schedule traveling was a bit difficult). The car was lighting quick, the hauler was legit, I knew this guy was someone to watch. He did not disappoint that night either, if memory serves me right he had to go to the back up car and still ran quick.

The Martinsville win was an awesome win for us in ’13.

2013 was an impressive year for Lemons Motorsports to say the least. Running the bulk of his season at SNMP finishing second in the points behind Deac McCasskill. Lemons Jr also had an impressive podium finish in the inaugural running of The Dirty Dozen taking home third place honors. Capping his season off with the victory at Martinsville speedway, earning himself one of the prestigious grandfather clocks. Having forty-four starts between race tracks in North Carolina and Virginia Tommy Lemons Jr found him self second in the entire sate of North Carolina (5 wins, 25 top-5, 27 top-10) and fifteenth in Virginia (8 top-5, 11 top-10).

I asked what was in store for Lemons Motorsports coming up in 2014.

“We are planning on running a couple different tracks” Lemons Jr informed me. “As well as starting our driver development program, so we will have a busy season.” Referring to driver Craig Stallard of the #42 machine. Capturing a notable 9th place finish in the 2013 Thanksgiving All-Star Classic in his debut race for the team. “We couldn’t be more proud of his efforts,” said team owner Tommy Lemons. “A top 10 finish in his first race with us proves that our hard [work] is paying off.”

The team is gearing up for another championship run in 2014 at Southern National Motorsports Park. In addition to SNMP Lemons Motorsports will also look to capitalize in this years installment of the ‘Dirty Dozen.’ For any additional information on Tommy feel free to check his website out, You can also follow him on twitter at @Tlemons_Jr27.

Click Here to go directly to Tommy’s page…

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